Blessed and Ready!

My mom bought a white poppy @ Joann Fabrics for $10 & then sewed me two reversible boppy covers. (she’s quite thrifty, cuz at target it would have been $40 or more) Once I get the other one on I’ll post a picture!

The design on our diaper bag. My mom and I spent a lot of time in Joann fabrics finding fabric to match these colours and she’s made me a ton of diaper bag things. I will post those later too!

For my birthday in March I received this beautiful Vera Bradley Diaper bag from dear friends!

I’m using this as my/baby’s hospital bag. Daddy has his own ;)

A few onesies, bodysuits and sleepers I finished washing tonight. It’s still so surreal to wash and fold baby clothes!!

My friend Whitney wanted to bless me and colour my hair before the baby comes.

Just in case you can’t tell (lighting is bad) I DID do the colour that majority voted for on my poll. Auburn with highlights and I love it! So thanks for helping me decide.

2 thoughts on “Blessed and Ready!

  1. The Wellingtons says:

    I LOVE your boppy & bag – super cute! And you already have your bag packed for the hospital – I have been saying for weeks I need to do that, but I haven't even started! Yikes – I need to get on the ball!! :)


  2. Anonymous says:

    the boppy is so cute and the bag gorgeous! your mom is so crafty!! And i LOVE your hair, she did a great job!!-Danielle


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