More Nesting: COLOURS!

We have made our mind up about our colours for the crib set! Chocolate brown, teal, & spring lime. (Our poor moms) This has been an intense process, especially because we (well I) do not know our baby’s sex. ALTHOUGH, I am convinced it’s a girl. I will feel awfully silly if I am wrong, but not dissapointed =) The colours are pretty neutral, I mean they will work if we have another baby opposite sex of this one, you know?

Anyways, above is our inspiration. We found this swing online, already in love with elephants, and we loved the colours. We will keep this swing at home and take the matching bouncer seat to work with us, so baby can hang out while we are working.

Now begins the 14 week journey of preparing our home for our baby! YAY! (which doesn’t even sum up how excited I am!!)

4 thoughts on “More Nesting: COLOURS!

  1. Ashton Shjandemaar says:

    LOVE the colors, were also doing some what the same. Brown and greenish and hopefully a few more. But our theme now is Safari, ill post some pictures of the stuff we ran across, mainly the cheap stuff..haha!Were doing the decorations and that in safari, but other stuff, (like bedding and everything else we’ll use with the other ones when they come) we’ll do a little more neutral. HOPE nesting is going wonderful!OH and is that your house in the picture?! Amazing!!!Ash and baby


  2. Ashton Shjandemaar says:

    Haha, those are when our pictures will be coming as well! I so was going to use that ticker it my favorite but now that i know i couldnt…It fits perfect on this background!


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