30 Days to Go! (Maybe more, maybe less)

Today’s date is June 9th, which means… 30 days ’til our due date and meeting our little one (if he/she chooses to wait that long)!!
We had our weekly appointment today and Baby is doing great, still head down, heartbeat is still speedy, and I’m now measuring right on, not a week ahead. Right before our midwife came in, Ted said to me, “I really hope you are dilated!” (A new word he learned in our birthing class, just kidding… or maybe?!) and I said, “Babe, even if I’m dilated 1-2 cm now, it still may be a few weeks.”
He looked so bummed but His excitement skyrocketed when our midwife told us that beginning next week, we can welcome the baby anytime because his/her lungs would be fully developed.
Last night before bed, after we sung and prayed for Baby, Ted said, “Sometimes I hope baby comes early, in fact I just prayed for skutter to come tonight!” (We say skutter so he doesn’t slip up and tell me the baby’s sex)… I was like “Ted! Not yet!” Although I can’t wait to meet our baby, I do want his/her lungs developed and to finish a few more things around the house to feel “ready”.
This morning I awoke eager to get things done and to finish final projects. Today my mom, sisters and brother came down to help me finish our living room. They are seriously blessing me like crazy, helping me prepare! Thank you family!
The finishing touches.
  • Painting walls red (sneak peek)

  • Painting accent things black.
  • Making curtains from leftover fabric from our bridesmaids dresses (Dupioni silk).

  • Getting rid of a big couch and one recliner and replacing them with a glider and papasan chair.
  • Hanging wall art and photos.

Once that room is done, I will feel like our home is ready to welcome baby home. He/she could come now, but for some reason I really want our home to be “finished” and homey! This isn’t like me at all, but for me I guess this is what one of my motherly sides look like?

My mom gave me an incredible gift today. It’s something I knew I wouldn’t have time to do but really wanted to.
A book filled with my writings of this journey.

She printed some of my blog postings & added her own touches.
Thanks Madre!!
Check out this cute baby travel bag my grandma bought for Baby E/C;
We also set up our stroller travel set today! We’re putting the car seat base in the car tonight, which is making things seem so close!
And here is our bouncer up close and personal;
Random bits and pieces of my day as preparing to be a momma!

2 thoughts on “30 Days to Go! (Maybe more, maybe less)

  1. Dru and Kailey says:

    Ted knows the sex?!?! I didn't know that. What your mom did was so sweet. I love gifts like that, nothing can replace them.Everything seems like it's coming together! YAY!!


  2. Ashton Shjandemaar says:

    HEY, its been awhile for me on here! Your home is going to look amazing!!! Very you..! I could have cried when i saw that book, thats such a wonderful gift, and looks great!!!! I half want you to have it here soon too, so POSSIBLE we could meet up and us see "skuttle"..haha Im so excited for you guys, and its making me feel closer too! Ash and bodie


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