Week 25: Nesting On the Mind.

Nesting. 6 months and 1 week… it’s hard to believe how close we are to meeting our baby! It seems so far away still, but baby needs time to finish developing, and God’s still working on Ted and I, not to mention the fact that we are just now able to move into our home again!! We officially move down from our mountain campus friday! AMEN, seriously.

I dream of nesting, I wake up throughout the night sometimes to get myself comfortable, and begin thinking about nesting, I constantly talk to Ted about ideas, things we need to buy or put on our registration… I never go a day without thinking about something to do with nesting. It hit me a while ago actually, but now that I can officially start, it’s been on my mind 24/7!

We’ve decided to not make an entire nursery for the baby and it’s things, but instead to have him or her in our room, and a rocker and play things in our living room. The reason being; our second bedroom is the perfect nursery size but it’s actually kind of a far walk to get to the baby in a hurry. We just decided that the crib would be next to my side of the bed, and I am going to sand, prime, and paint a low dresser we have for it’s changing table, so everything we really need will be in our room.

We are (hopefully) painting our living room red to match our asian theme we’ve had since being married, the accent colours will be burnt yellow, and black. My mom is going to help make curtains, and Ted is helping me hang all of our wall art! I can’t wait. Our room we finally decided, will be painted a burnt yellow. We wanted to make sure when we opened our door to the living room the colours didn’t clash, BUT we also wanted to use the Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night wall art as our main focus. We originally thought blue, but I’m not huge on blue anyways. Burnt yellow will work for both rooms.

Now this doesn’t sound like much preparation for the baby coming, but this is a start to getting our home to feel more home like, and comfortable! Ted and I are finding ways to save money, be thrifty, and still get what we need before the baby comes. It’s hard. We decided, like I said above, to use our low dresser as a changing table. It’s the perfect height for me to change the baby on. It will take a lot of work, sanding, priming, and painting it black but it will look amazing, or so I hope! We will then buy a changing pad, and some fun stuff for the baby to look as above it while it’s being changed. We are looking for a glider chair on ebay, craigslist, thrift stores, and garage sales… hoping to find a great deal! Okay whoa. I need to write another blog, cause this one is too long. And I didn’t even write an update on baby and momma yet! Haha, sorry! I am just so excited!

Jami & Baby

One thought on “Week 25: Nesting On the Mind.

  1. Los Russells says:

    are you actually planning on getting a crib or have you thought about a pack n play? I didn’t know what you were thinking but I thought I’d just pop in and say that we loved using a pack n play for our 2 kiddos! We have never had a crib :) I know it’s crazy but true. They make pack n plays now with a portion that you can put up top so that when they are infants it’s not super low to have to reach down. Ours even came with a little part to change the baby on (pretty nifty!). Just thought I’d throw that out there. We actually bought a crib in Oklahoma but have never used it because we didn’t have the space until our current house and then it was there and we had already used the pack n play. Lyric went straight from the pack n play to her toddler bed too. just a thought to help you have more space in your room with the baby being in there. We have atticus in our room still and will until he sleeps through the night and we can move him into the room with lyric.


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