“Time Crunch” {a maternity photo shoot}

post edited on 12-31-2011 to show never before seen photos from this day. The photos with the chalkboard sharing his name :)

(that’s all of the “new” ones above :))

This maternity shoot has been a long time in coming. In fact, it’s about 7 weeks “late” according to my plan (haha, “plan” ;)).

I was beginning to lose hope that this photo shoot would happen. Ted is so insanely busy with work and school and other photo shoots that finding time for our maternity one was close to impossible. I almost gave up completely because at this point in pregnancy my hands, feet and face (more specifically my nose) begin to swell and I start feeling far from cute pregnant . ;) But I knew I’d be so disappointed with myself for not getting at least a few good photographs of my pregnancy with S.

So we set another date (first was rained out), picked Ted up from work last Saturday and decided to try and knock it out. By the time we got his gear ready, his clothes changed and downtown we had less than an hour of sunlight left. At first I was super bummed because (if you follow my pinterest boards you know) I had a million and one ideas I wanted to try. I decided to just let them go and to go with the time we had and whatever shots we got, we got. The main objective was to capture our pregnancy with Boy S, so as long as we got one or two good belly shots, we were set.

All that to say, here are most of our maternity shots. I’m calling them our “time crunch” shots due to the fact that I’m full term and that we had a race against time with the sun. This wasn’t my “plan” but I have to say I am completely in love with these photos, even though there are few. {In love}. Ted shot a lot of candid shots while I was talking with Chase about posing for photos and they turned out to be some of my favourite photos of he and I to date.

(Side note: All of these photos were taken by Ted but had to be edited by me because he’s too busy right now. I am impatient and wanted to post them before we had S so I wasn’t posting maternity shots after he’s born :))

Some of my favourite shots I can’t show because I used a chalkboard and instead of writing ‘Boy S’ I wrote his name. So I’ll have to share those AFTER I have S and announce his name (less than 3 weeks!)

These two are candids. The first is a perfect picture of what it was like to get Chase to pose :)

Below are some of my favourite photos of Chase and I … {ever}

Ted shot these while I was talking to Chase about being nice and sweet and posing for pictures with S. When we uploaded these I teared up in awe at how precious these photos turned out to be. Unplanned, unposed and beautiful.

I feel like these are so perfect in timing. How precious and dear to my heart these photos will always be. The last few weeks as {just} Chasey-boy with momma and daddy. I just absolutely adore them.

Well, now that we’ve got a few shots of the belly… time for you to come Boy S ;)

12 thoughts on ““Time Crunch” {a maternity photo shoot}

  1. jsh0608 says:

    These pictures are so beautiful. I really really REALLY love the one with Chase kissing your belly. Brought tears to my eyes. Congrats on Boy S, and I can’t wait to see his name and the baby together. Again, great pictures. :0)


  2. Lindsay says:

    These photos are GORGEOUS and you are most definitely “cute-pregnant!” I love the coloring of the photos – so fall-ish – the tiny shoes, the suitcase, the brick streets. Truly amazing! As excited for you as a blog-stranger-friend can be without being creepy… :) Praying for a magical delivery!


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