Week 12: It’s finally here.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this week for a while now, and for many reasons. Besides the fact that Christmas is here, I’ve been so excited to be 3 months prego, which hopefully means I am on my way to feeling better!
This week our baby is the size of a lime (2 1/2 inches)! His or her fingers can open and close, toes can curl, it’s eye muscles can clench, and it’s mouth will make sucking movements. If I poke my belly the baby will squirm in response, which I can’t feel right now but soon! Our baby’s face now looks like a human!
This week has been rough as I’ve realized how difficult the first few months of pregnancy have been for me, and I have been waiting for the sickness to pass. I end up lying in bed, or resting on the couch a lot throughout the past, at least two months. The nauseousness causes me to be inactive, which is not what I had planned. I am praying that once month 4 comes I will be well enough to go for walks as least. I have a fear of gaining weight above and beyond what is asked of me. Right now I need to gain 25-30 pounds and I pray I stay within this limit!
Please pray for me to feel better and be healthy during the duration of my pregnancy!

One thought on “Week 12: It’s finally here.

  1. Anonymous says:

    hello lady! congrats on being 3 months preggo!! You may notice since you’ve been so sick that you will lose weight in the beginning of your pregnancy, i didnt start gaining until i was 6 months preggo and since i’m still getting sick i’ve only gained 6 lbs! thank god! lol. I hope u start to feel better soon. love and miss. Danielle H.


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