Mr. Independent & Little Baby D.

I wanted to take some time to write a blog about my boy & baby on the way. I used to blog a lot about Chase and milestones and I miss it.

Chase is cruising everywhere now. He’s walking like a mad man and loving the freedom.

He is becoming more and more independent now. It’s very bittersweet for me. If you were around when he began the first stage of crawling,you know, it about broke my heart. I felt like he was growing up too fast … now he’s walking! I think if you would have told me he would be walking by 10 months I would have been upset, but now that we’re pregnant with Little baby D I think I am appreciating the independence. But just a little bit :)

He falls down a lot still.

But he’s a determined little boy & gets right back up usually.

When really excited, he’ll try his best to “run”.

And he has a head full of blond hair. And somehow… people still call him bald! Haha :)

Okay, so a bit about Little Baby D;

  • i swear i already feel him/her like a tap, tap, tap… just like i did with chase. But it’s SO rare, that I am still unsure of myself.
  • i’ve only thrown up once! ONCE! (Countless times with Chase, if you remember)
  • i love, love, love, love, love red meat and carrots (hated red meat with Chase)
  • i steer clear of McDonald’s sausage egg mcmuffins & french fries this time around. (don’t even want them!)
  • i feel nauseous but citrus flavoured gum & real fruit popsicles help me when I really need it.
  • i am CONVINCED, hands down, this-is-a-GIRL. But remember, I was convinced Chase was too until he said “it’s a boy”.

You may have noticed with this baby I haven’t posted a lot or even weekly like I did with Chase. I loved documenting every step with my first baby, but this time around I decided to do one a month or more if I feel like it. And the ironic thing… this pregnancy is FLYING by without blogging every week about the development. Isn’t that funny? I think it’s because this time I’m not waiting for each new week to arrive and writing about it, etc. Well that, plus the fact that Chase keeps me on my toes. It’s speeding this pregnancy right up! I’m loving it, and I’m already 3 months prego! WHEW!

So…Friday I am planning on posting my 3 month photo. It’s been one month since I’ve posted a picture and let me just say, one month has made a difference. I am showing SO much sooner than with Chase! I am loving the belly again :)

thanks for readin’



One thought on “Mr. Independent & Little Baby D.

  1. Petra says:

    it is bittersweet the growing up milestones…but having him be a confident walker when you’re little one is born will be so helpful! Lyric was a late walker and I was so worried she wouldn’t walk before Atticus was born!

    I feel like my pregnancy is hurling past me as well! I hope it still feels that way in the end!


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