Week 10; You know you’re pregnant when.


Above is a picture of how “big” our little one is already! This week his/her tissue and organs are growing rapidly and maturing. He is now swallowing & kicking up a storm (which we saw proof of the kicking part yesterday)! He can also bend his little arms and legs now! Right now he/she is 1 1/4″ long and in the next few weeks our baby will double in size.

I have been INCREDIBLY nauseous, even to the point where I throw up suddenly and on the spot. I’m not sure if it is the fact that our little one is now squirming around a lot more or… just the fact that I am pregnant. Yesterday while having our ultrasound, the nurse said, “See this little guy, this is the reason you’ve been so sick & exhausted.” I looked at him/her moving around, waving and thought, it is ALL worth it. I’m already in love. Oh and yes, another change; my emotions. As I wrote about him/her moving… I got all chocked up. Those pregnancy emotions has arrived. Oh the joy.
“You know you’re prego when”:
  • while driving I hear an add for McDonald’s and immediately get sick to my stomach, empty my purse, and yes throw up into the purse and all over my shirt… (WHILE DRIVING)!
  • holding someone else’s baby makes me more impatient than I have ever been my entire life
  • I have cried while watching commercials & especially the news.
  • I almost CAN’T watch extreme makeover home edition anymore, due to waves of tears
  • I also gag at food commercials
  • Ted lovingly told me that I probably should lay off (my first craving) french fries, and I immediately burst into tears
  • anything can make me gag: Sufjan our hamster, food, talking about food (especially fast food), people passing gas around me, talk of gross subjects, & sometimes even Ted’s cologne!
  • I gave in one day and drank a Dr.pepper, cried about drinking it and then a few minutes later cried about not being able to drink caffeine
  • 75% of the time my coughing triggers my gag reflex causing me to throw up, yet again.
  • looking at my waist freaks me out, expanding as it slowly does… yikes!
  • I love milk for the first time since I can remember
  • I am a little slower, dumber, and more forgetful these days
  • my hair grows faster than it has in a very long time
  • I find myself wanting to be around Ted more and more each day
Thanks for reading my long winded blog!
x Jami & “peanut” as Ted would call him/her

3 thoughts on “Week 10; You know you’re pregnant when.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry dear i love what you wrote about how you know your preggo when: because its all true, i’ve done almost all of them. just so you know you can have caffeine, its ok and normal to have 1-2 caffenated beverages a day. love u girl, i hope ur “morning” sickness goes away soon. -Danielle


  2. Bowker Family says:

    I Love you, my Bonita Hija! You are so precious. Your blog took me back to the when I was pregnant with you kids…not so long ago, really. This baby is so very blessed to have you for a mother. You will be the best! I love you so much. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.


  3. Hannah says:

    All so true- that made me smile :) French fries were one of my first cravings too, but luckily I haven’t gotten that one very often at all. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re still feeling so sick- not cool.


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