13 weeks prego pics; official.

Finger tips have formed on our baby’s bitty hands. His or her veins & organs are clearly visible through it’s thin skin, and his/her body is starting to catch up to it’s head which makes up a third of his/her body size now. This week baby is 3 inches long weighing 1 ounce!
Sickness is sporadic but not as frequent, or so I think and hope! It is still hard for me to take prenatal vitamins, even though my mom recently bought be liquid prenatal vitamins. Pray I can take the right amount each day & keep it down! Insomnia has hit me hard this week, and last. I stay up pretty late, even though my body is exhausted. I am enjoying watching how fast my tummy is growing with the baby!
I have the shortest torso ever, so my mom and I  think I will get a tummy very quickly and it will stick out, for that’s really the only option!
As you can see in the pics, my chest is twice the size of my belly right now, hopefully the growing there is finished, and my baby bump will REALLY stand out! Right now it’s kinda shadowed, haha.

4 thoughts on “13 weeks prego pics; official.

  1. Dru and Kailey says:

    Love love love reading your blog. I feel like I see you all the time and your cute tummy.I so think you are having a girl! So are you saying that your boobs are getting really big. That’s so funny!!Love you


  2. Anonymous says:

    it was very hard for me to take prenatals too, so i talked to my doctor and she told me to take the chewable flinstones, 2 a day. Ive been taking them ever since ( i get the gummy ones) they dont taste bad and didnt make me sick :-)Danielle


  3. Bowker Family says:

    Bonita Hija ~ Beautiful Daughter …You are glowing;truly beautiful! Ted is doing a great job capturing your pregnancy ~ Good job guys! Much love to all three of you ~ Madre


  4. Anonymous says:

    you are so beautiful. congratulations. looks like you are about a 34d now, that is so awesome. i doubt you will get much bigger then that since you are so petite. i bet you are having a girl, and i hope she is as beautiful as you are.


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