Little Baby D’s First Appointment.

Today we saw our little surprise.

He/she wiggled around, heartbeat racing and tears filled my eyes. I felt as excited as I did when I first saw Chase @ 10 weeks old. This is really happening. “Little Baby D” really exists. I had my doubts, even with a missing period, my symptoms and the two pregnancy test! I doubted. I still am in awe. (Unfortunately we do not have a photo scanner, otherwise I would show you our ultrasound photos from today.)

I realized today, this baby is basically the timeline of when we began our big life transition. I really love that. Something about that brings me a lot of hope.

So the facts… (I was right on!) I am 8 weeks prego, due December 17th but I have to have a scheduled c-section one week early, so I will have little baby D December 10th (more on how I feel about another c-section and also, the Dec 10th due date).

I can already tell this pregnancy is different from mine with Chase. So far, here are the differences;

  1. I get random bouts of chills.
  2. I love, love, love, love, love eggs in the morning but hated them with Chase.
  3. I feel faint often!
  4. I have heartburn (only get it when I’m prego) and I didn’t have heartburn the first trimester with Chase.

That’s about it in differences, for now. One thing that is definitely the same are the emotions. It’s like someone turned on the emotional roller coaster in me all over again.

“You know you’re prego when”… you read your friends blog about her daughter and tear up. Or when you watch TLC’s A Baby Story and sob… oh boy, here we go again! POOR TED!

Oh and one more thing, I think this baby is a girl… but remember how wrong I was last time :)

6 thoughts on “Little Baby D’s First Appointment.

  1. Hannah J says:

    Okay, this is so fun because I will be 9 weeks on Sunday, due Dec 12. It’s my first, and sadly I don’t have a blog (yet?) to completely “share” the pregnancy with you, but how fun to be at the same stage! Will be praying for you and Baby D!


  2. Chey says:

    Thanks for keeping us all posted. So sad I couldnt see you on Friday :( But glad I still get to hear about the visit. Love you.


  3. Jess says:

    Oh congratulations!!! I just found out you’re pregnant with your second! What a great age gap between your two bubs! Make sure you take weekly belly pics (even if you don’t post them here)… it helped my pregnancy go faster.



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