In Honour of (My First) Mother’s Day.

(I meant to do this by Sunday, haha! Better late than never I guess)

Here are a few things I love about being a momma;

-Everyday I am giving the opportunity to love completely and unconditionally-

-I love the love that Chase and I have. I almost don’t even know how to put it into words. He loves me no matter what. I can see it in his eyes, in the way he cuddles, in the way he says “mamamamama” when he needs comforted. I can see it in his eyes and his cheesy little grin when I enter the room-

-I enjoy experiencing the world through the eyes of Chase. He sees endless possibilites and teaches me to recognize them when I forget or get caught up in being an adult-

-Being a mother keeps my selfish ways in check. I don’t really have the option to opt out for a day. And to be honest, I love what I am learning through this. When I am selfish, it clearly shows and it’s challenged-

-Watching with pride as he learns, grows and matures. And documenting that along the way. It’s such an blast to me!-

-Being a momma, I have more respect for my mom and what she has sacrificed to be a phenominal, hands on, mother. I even wondered the other day, why was it that she never mentioned what she went through in a unmedicated back labor with me? Why didn’t she throw it in my face when I was a bratty teen caught up in myself? She never once said a word until I was pregnant and asked her. She’s amazing and that’s definitely not the only reason why. I could go on and on. (Love you Madre!)-

-Having Chase has taught me more and more of the love the God has for me. The depth of his love for me-

-I have someone who constantly needs my nurturing care and in return he blesses me more than words can express-

-Watching my son adore his daddy. One of the most precious things-

-Seeing myself or Ted in him, in feature and in personality-

-Looking forward to the future and teaching him to be a man full of integrity and a world changer-

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day if your a momma or a wonderful time with your mom or loved ones if you aren’t (yet)! I enjoyed my first Mother’s Day! We went out for a yummy lunch, then to my parent’s house to paint pots and plant flowers in them and to celebrate my momma. We had a great homemade dinner with my family and then watched home videos from when we were kids. I felt like I was on my first date with Ted when my family was showing the videos, I was so embarressed! ;)

Ted bought me a the vintage pearl charm necklace to add all of my kiddos names to, as well as a T & J and our wedding date!! He also planned on getting me polaroid film for my camera, but we lost it in the move. Probably in storage somewhere. So he bought me this beauty. Fujifilm Intax Polariod camera!! Don’t have it in my hands yet, but soon!

(A LOT of photos coming soon btw- I have tooooooons to upload and edit for my 365 project. I just haven’t felt up to it lately. Weaning Chase is exhausting and I don’t feel well by most evenings because of little baby D. Photos soon, I promise!)

2 thoughts on “In Honour of (My First) Mother’s Day.

  1. Suzanne says:

    Your blog posts hit home so many time for me! I love my boys in ways that I am not able to describe. Your writing and the love for your family is an inspiration!


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