The first of many precious memories.

I will always remember April 26th as a day of celebration (and surprise! :)). Dates have always been an important thing in my life. Whether really good or really bad things happen, the date stays with me forever.

(the very first photo of our Eisley inside me)

Tuesday was a good day to remember. An anniversary to an amazing memory. The very day we found out we were pregnant (2 months to be exact) with our precious Eisley-girl. I can’t believe it has already been one year. Time is flying so much faster than I want it to, but at least this weeks anniversary was a really good one. (you can read last years post here.)

I wouldn’t trade one second of what we walked through in because we were given our sweet Eisley. We had our precious daughter, even though our time with her was so much shorter than we’d ever imagined. I am so very thankful that we had her, our Eisley. We were given such a precious gift, she was and is a gift! I am so honoured to be her momma.

My prayers to my Father have changed quite a bit since we’ve lost her. One of the ways they’ve changed is how often I ask him to show or tell Eisley such and such. To kiss her on the nose for me. To tell her how much we love her and miss her. Call me childish, but I believe He does.

On another note, for the first time ever, my blog didn’t save a draft when I requested it to and instead it deleted it. I have something so heavy on my heart to share about struggling and being a Christian and poured my heart out only to watch it disappear before my eyes. So… I’m going to write again, thankfully I hadn’t written everything! I can’t say for sure when I will be posting it, just keep checking in.

Well, Happy Saturday everyone!

3 thoughts on “The first of many precious memories.

  1. Sarah says:

    nothing childish about it girl~ He knows you love and miss her. So sorry your post was deleted. I know that can be so frustrating when you get words out and then to come up with them again to express just what you were feeling seems hard~ love you guys.


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