Here we…document… again!

So round 2 of documenting baby and I’s growth. This time I’m 16-18 pounds heavier than the beginning with Chase, but I’m not letting that ruin my documenting of this lil one. I guess I will be one of those moms who doesn’t loose the first baby’s weight til the second one comes! And I’m okay with that, especially because they’re only 17 months apart! (Whew, that still gets me, haha). Here we go again!

Introducing {little baby D}. (D for Davis) This time around, that’ll be his/her blog name. I think I am 7-8 weeks along. We’ll see May 7th at my first appointment.

Welcome sweet baby, can’t wait to meet you!

3 thoughts on “Here we…document… again!

  1. Ash says:

    Oh im so excited for you! Dan was quiet the other night and then i finally asked him what was going on, and he says… “im still wondering what that girls name is! it starts with an E and is a sound?” LOL
    I had totally forgot and he said it like he had still been thinking about the clues you had said! haha you look amazing by the way, baby weight is by no means a big deal at all, You dont look like you have any left anyways (seriously!) :)


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