our little musician.

I finally took the time to capture one of our family jam sessions which we all just absolutely adore. This particular time we learned ‘Beautiful Things’ by Gungor.

Chase astounds us with his deep love for music. When he was very young we began to notice this in him. At first I wondered if it was just like an enjoyment for music and dancing and singing (like that which most all children have) but as he grew I saw it in the rhythm of his little body, in his eyes as he watched his daddy in awe, in the strumming of his little hands on his daddy’s guitar, in the flow of the melodies in a song he’d sing; his deep love for all things music and especially instrumental.

A huge part of his love probably has a lot to do with having a daddy who is a musician. He watches him lead worship every sunday and watches and dances and yells to his daddy. He watches him play in his room as he learns a new song we all love and hurries to grab his guitar and we begin a little family jam session.

He watches his daddy’s hands intently …

 then begins to strum and pluck away at his strings

You’ll notice in this photo (if you haven’t already) that he holds the guitar “weird”. He is left handed and his is a right handed guitar, so it ends up looking and sounding a little weird. We’re curious to see if he always plays with his left hand!

One thing that we so desire is to learn what our children love and are gifted in and to pour into that craft, whatever it may be. After we lost Eisley, it hit me even stronger than ever before, Chase’s love for music was more than just enjoyment to the sound of music and dance. We’ve really poured into him and his love (as much as you can with a 21 month old).

I can’t wait to see where his love for music leads him.

I know that maybe one day he will no longer have a deep love for music, but I truly feel in my heart that he does. It makes my heart so overjoyed and good, happy tears form as I watch Chase and Ted play as we sing together as a family. So beautiful!

I often wonder how Eisley would have fit into this part of our lives and realizes so strongly the other night as we sung ‘Beautiful Things’. She is in the raw, honest, desperation of our voices as we harmonize and some nights as we cry out to our Father or sing a song of declaration or in a completly emotionally raw and broken state. She’s forever apart of us, even though we can’t physically have her here. She’s in our hearts and the deepest part of who we are forevermore. She’s too is apart of these family jam sessions.

Whew… my heart is overwhelmed and I just had to share these beautiful pictures with you.

5 thoughts on “our little musician.

  1. rose says:

    I hope you had a happy Mother’s Day with Chase. Did he bring you burnt toast in bed? I loved it when my daughter did that. She’s 20 now so those sweet things have been traded in for cards and grown up gifts but I treasure the memories. You’re in my prayers.


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