DIY “Love” Frame.

I saw this super cute houndstooth frame on U-Create. It was made with a stencil, but I have many sheets of the pink houndstooth paper below (it reminds me of my Eisley-girl so I grabbed a lot for her scrapbook!) and I already had the frame, so I decided to try and make one myself! I can use it as home decor as well as Valentine decor too :)

Ready for this DIY?

Supplies used:

heart frame – $1 Michaels

modge podge

sponge brush

2 diferent colours of paper

stickers or vinyl or creative handwriting, etc (i used my Cricut and black vinyl)

Modge podge wood lightly and carefully place paper down. (Don’t worry about cutting anything first)

Let it dry and flip it over. Use an xacto knife (totally recommend you buy one!) and cut out the middle carefully.

Use the middle cardboard piece that came with frame and modge podge paper to heart.

Xacto cut it out.

Make sure there are no bubbles in the paper!

This is the part where I cut the letters out with the Cricut with the help of Chasey-boy who LOVES the cricut. He’s in awe of it. He loves to help momma create …in his own way.

Side note: I was talking with a friend the other day and it sparked an idea in me. I decided that I might do a post with creative ways for the little ones create with you (before their old enough to craft)! People often ask me what Chase does when I’m creating and I might just do a little blog post about it and how he joins in and creative ways to involve him. Would that be helpful? or not? (haha) I just feel really passionate about being a momma and still being you, and finding ways to do that, especially now that I know how therapeutic it really can be on a heart or even during grief… maybe soon I’ll do that!

And wa-la! SO simple and cute. And if you don’t have a significant other do something else in the little heart!

Okay, a few more DIYs next.

8 thoughts on “DIY “Love” Frame.

  1. Melissa says:

    Love the frame and YES! I would totally love to hear what Chase does when you are crafting because I can’t even imagine attempting half of what you do with Josiah running around. I’m lucky if I can cook dinner or eat my own lunch! ;)


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