reminds me of her.


Hope this lightens the mood from the last post…
Here are some photos that remind me of Eisley and have really minister to us.
(click on photo for source)
Freedom. She is free of pain, suffering. She is healed and free.
This baby reminds us of her so much. She is at peace now and forevermore.
Ted and I both got emotional when we saw this one. WHEW. Someday, Chase will meet his baby sister. I cling to that promise that we’ll see her again someday.
I shared this before, but I just had to share it again. The girl doesn’t remind us of Eisley, but the idea of it does.
Forever apart of me.
This is only half of what I’ve found on that reminds me of her. I’d love to frame them all :)

8 thoughts on “reminds me of her.

  1. Chey says:

    LOVE it. i love that the first little girl has dorothy shoes on :) i would have blown all my support on shoes for eisley. i bet, though, that she’s barefoot most of the time because Jesus is so in love with her cute little toes that he can’t bear to let her wear shoes too long. but she does wear converse when she does have shoes on. just my guess :)


  2. Esther says:

    Beautiful pictures. I wanted to tell you that I have an old school desk, the old metal, heavy kind that you stick your books inside and the top of the desk and the seat of the chair are actual wood. It is my oldest daughters homeschool desk, but it’s pink, but not just any pink, retro/antiquey pink and it makes me think of you whenever we are doing school. I feel sad for you but almost like we are giving her little bits of memories in our own way.


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