DIY “LOVE” display.

Yeah, didn’t really know what to call this post, hehe. So we’re stickin’ with the bottom line, it’s love themed.

I did my display in our colours so I can use it as home decor as well as Valentine decor. Ready for the DIYs?!

I bought this frame for $.25 at a thrift store and spray painted it. I took a piece of scrap paper and hot glued the fabric flowers on and then hand stitched the little stems (look closely and you can see them). Click here for the fabric flower DIY.

I also bought this frame and a thrift store and spray painted it. I then used modge podge to keep the buttons on. Ted said I should have stitched each button on, which would have been awesome but seriously time consuming. ;) I used my Cricut for the “love” but you can use stickers or your own handwriting!

Now the letters.  I bought them for 50% off at Hobby lobby making these a whopping $.50 cents each!

I spray painted the O and E (well, my momma helped with that part actually!) and I modge podged the L and V and added the paper carefully and then super duper carefully used an Xacto knife to cut to match the letters.

You can also do this in your name or kid’s name, doesn’t just have to be L O V E. :)

So you might notice this wasn’t actually on my display. The display got too crowded but I still wanted to show you another idea. I bought this embroidery hoop at a thrift store and then spray painted it coral (see a pattern here, thrift and spray paint hahaha). I then used a disapearing ink pen to draw a heart on the lace. I doubled the string and then stitched on the heart and washed away the ink.

 I am actually not leaving it all up right here, I plan on hanging it all on a wall in our new home, but for now I am figuring out little places to put my decor.

This is another reason why I can’t leave it up;

Little curious hands :) He sure loves the buttons.

Hope you’re inspired to create!!

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