Thrifted Treasures {4}

I’m pretty excited to share my thrifted finds with you this week! I always hope you’re inspired to go thrifting when you see these posts! And before you tell me there aren’t any good thrift stores near you, spend at least one hour in it, sifting through everything and if it’s still awful, then I have a few other ideas for ya. Write me :)

Friday we ventured up to Cheyenne, Wyoming (40 min drive) to have lunch with my Aunt Cynth and to hit up the thrift stores there. So most of these finds are from their thrift stores. Here are my finds, most of which are for home decor;

Remember this wall with the embroidery hoops? Well I’ve added to my collection of hoops in hope to someday have a wall similar to that. I love how some of them are oval too! Price: $.10-1.00

Yes, it’s true, I have a love for picture frames. Most of these will be painted and used for wall decor. Price: $.25-1.00

I have an even bigger love for the gaudy frames! These will be painted as well. price: $.25-2.00

I love these little vintage ceramics. These will be decor for our kid’s room, ‘The Sunshine Room’. Price: .50

Fabrics! Price: $.25-.100 Below are the up close photos of my favourite fabrics;

Remember this wall? I plan on putting these in one of the embroidery hoops I bought to create a similar look.

This will be made into some kind of decor in the kid’s room.

I absolutely love this piece! I was planning on using this as decor in embroidery hoops, but honestly, I don’t know if I can cut it up!

Ceramic that I will paint for the kid’s room. Price: .25

vintage avon pitcher and dish. So amazing because I had this picked out on the treasury list I made of inspiration from Etsy for our living room, ‘The Hope Room’. Price: $2

Vintage snoopy thermas for decor in the kid’s room. $.25

This was an Avon lotion bottle. I love the colours and well it goes with the plan I have the kid’s room! $.75

Chase’s favourite thrifted treasure was this little vintage horse my grandma found for $5. A steal!

This was a suuuuuper awesome find! We recently added plumb to our colour scheme in our kitchen and this pitcher was $.50 and this tea-pot was a $4.50!


All of this matches our living room decor {perfectly}. $.50 for the coral pieces, $.25 for all the rest! Almost a steal!

These were also on my Hope Room treasury. I would like to hang lace curtains inside of our main living room curtains (which I hope to make/thrift!) My grandma found this set for me!

I know this looks coral-coloured (ish) but it’s actually red. I plan to paint it coral pink. $.50

Another “set” of oddly shaped jars. I did something super awesome with these yesterday and will share soon!! If you need home decor, vases, things to store things in, etc, go buy some and I’ll show ya something very easy to do to transform theses! Price: $.25-.75

And finally, my favourite thrifted find this time around;

I fell in love with this giant (50″ x 30.5″) vintage frame a while ago and said if it was there next time, I would get it. I assumed someone snagged this treasure and I was so glad to see it still hanging there a little over a month later! A whopping $12!! This was my largest and favourite purchase of the day. Thankfully we somehow managed to fit it in my grandma’s Buick and now it sits in the garage until Ted and I find a home!

As we left our last home (a year ago this April), I promised myself that when we had our own place again, I would immediately make it our home and an expression of us. I’ve slowly collected, revamped, restyled and made items for our home and I am so very excited to piece it all together when we find a place to call home (we’re currently searching)! I can’t wait! I might do a fun little series on our decor ideas, colour and inspiration. I keep calling it  our “hopeful home”. Each room has specific inspiration behind it. I’ve even named each room, can you tell that I’ve been dreaming of our home for far too long?! :)

Stay tuned tomorrow as I plan on posting DIY “Valentine’s” decor that could be used as regular decor too, if you aren’t into Valentine’s day :)

9 thoughts on “Thrifted Treasures {4}

  1. kimberly bader says:

    Awesome finds….as you know we have been waiting awhile too for a house of our own(3yrs) and I am going to be doing things like this as well. I love some of the same stuff Jami. Thank you for keeping us in prayer for a house as we pray for yours. God is good and will provide :) Your in my prayers babe! Luv ya(hollimom)


  2. shjandemaar says:

    OH cheyenne really does have the best! Always have!! I think its also AMAZING how alike our styles are. We got paint today for Elsie’s room and one of the colors is coral pink (with light accents of pale teal) weird!? Everything is in such good shape too!!
    Such a steal with your little avon pitcher :)


    • colourherhope says:

      Cheyenne does has pretty good stuff :)

      What inspired you to choose those two colours for her room? Are you just doing those two colours? To be honest, I was shocked to hear you say those specific colours. Those are the colours that always make me think of my eisley-girl (especially coral pink), and I talk about it a lot on here. It will be very hard for me to see her room, only of the colours. I know that sounds so strange, but in due time it might be better, who knows.


  3. 1inabluebillion says:

    i am one of the least crafty people you will find on the planet, but seeing all your crafty posts and thrift finds make me SO EXCITED and i squeal with such thrill for you!!!!!!


  4. kailey says:

    hey girl. i have a gaudy picture frame that is housing an awesome painting that i bought Dru a while back, but he hates the picture frame. what kind of paint do you use? i might paint it and use it for something else. Thanks :)


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