Mommy’s Tea & Other Icky Things.

My personal fave.
Chase is so fascinated with us eating or drinking. He is constantly grabbing at our plates or in this case, our beverages. This time he reached out and brought it to his mouth. This was pretty surprising to me. I mean, how does he know how to do that? He’s only had a bottle 3 maybe 4 times in his life!
Daddy and Uncle Darren thought it would be funny to let him just taste a salt and vinegar chip… and I can’t believe I let them. Poor buddy! Even I don’t like those chips!
I agree Chase, nasty!
We are/were waiting until Chase was 6 months to begin feeding him.
Our doctor says to start around 4 months “to teach them to eat” but I don’t think it’s necessary. Especially in our case, because his weight is great and I still have plenty of milk at this point.
With all of that said… I really, really can’t wait to feed him for the first time. We are definitly going to document that, so don’t you worry! This is kind of lame, but there is part of me that wants to let him eat over Christmas break so we could tell him he had his first real food on Christmas day! It would be 1/2 month early and with his interest in food, I don’t think it would be harmful in any way. Maybe a little unnecessary. Ted and I just can’t wait to see how he does. What he thinks! We shall see. Maybe you will see pics soon!

Hopefully his face won’t look like this! Like “what the heck daddy?!”

I’m sorry I didn’t post all week… SAD, I don’t like it when I can’t post updates/pictures. Even when our life is busy, I usually found time to update, but last week was INSANE. Not to mention a lot of restless/sleepless nights with my boy. But that’s for another blog. I shall play “catch up” over the next few days! :)

One thought on “Mommy’s Tea & Other Icky Things.

  1. Hannah says:

    Seth has always had an extreme fascination with cups/drink bottles too, even though he's rarely had a bottle. Eww I agree with you and Chase about the salt & vinegar chips! I think Seth was about 5 months and 3 weeks when started solid food, but he was sooo ready and loved it right away (his first food was mashed avocado).


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