O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…

How lovely are your faux needles ;)
Thursday evening last week, Chase had his first time around a Christmas tree. Well, he’s seen them, but this time he got time to admire it up close. Apparently a little too close. I let him lie on the floor next to my parents beautiful and real 7 1/2′ tall tree. It was magnificent and Chase thought so too. He was mesmerized by the lights and ornaments. He would reach up and would sometimes put a small branch in his mouth.

24 hours later, while shopping, my sister Chelsea tells me there is something in his eye. So I lean over and see a little something in the corner of his eye. We look closer and realize it’s green. Chelsea gently looked on his eye and said, “There’s a pine needle in his eye!”

First, how did this happen without me knowing. I mean, he didn’t even cry. In fact, he slept amazingly that night! Second, I was terrified to try and get it out myself and even seriously considered taking him to the emergency room. But then my dad came to the rescue. With the help of Chelsea and a warm q tip, he was able to remove it, no problem. Not even a screaming baby, for he was all smiles!

We almost decided against getting a tree this year. For one, we couldn’t really afford one, plus after the scare with the pine needle (it really did bother me, I mean, it’s his eye… and, yes, I still “suffer” from new mom syndrome) I didn’t want to get a real tree.  Today we finally decided YES and found “the one” for this year. We decided to try thrift stores first before heading anywhere else. At our 2nd thrift store, where all Christmas items were 1/2 off we found the “one”. It was a 3′ pre-lite tree for $3! AMAZING!

(We are decorating it tomorrrow, but for now here is a pic!

Now Chase will have his first Christmas with a tree! We also found the most vintage stockings and ornaments too, which I forgot to take photos of… I will soon! :) The total cost for a tree, 4 stockings, red velvet ribbon and 1 large bag of vintage ornaments: $9.50! We will have a decorative Christmas after all!

I’ve almost gone a week since blogging, again and here is my excuse.
Last minute touches to Christmas gifts!
I am so, so bummed that I haven’t taken the time to update lately. I have such a passion for blogging and a huge part of really good blogging is doing so a few times a week! I have so much on my mind, to blog about, but for now, this will have to do. If I’m not back until after Christmas…
Have a blessed holiday filled with joy, lots of laughter and cheesy Christmas sweaters!
{Merry Christmas!}

2 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…

  1. Anonymous says:

    love the tree! and great idea about making xmas gifts! esp. in this economy! i too made my dad's xmas gift-at walgreens :-)-a callage of pictures of him and I! i know he'll love it. Wishing you and your family a Merry Xmas! thinking of you all!love and missDanielle


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