Future Rockstar Photoshoot (just for fun)

Here are some photos of the little guy sitting up like a “big boy”.
We bought this outfit as one of our boy outfits before Chase arrived.
We were given the “future rockstar” shoes and it matched perfectly!
LOVE it!
{love this smile}
Super adorable.
Literally a few seconds later… HAHA.
Can’t you just picture a fauxhawk here? Whenever his hair decides to get thicker!
“Can we please be done already?”
I’m sorry I haven’t posted a lot in the past month, it really makes me sad. I feel like I’ve forgotten to share important and fun facts about Chase with all of you! I have a ton of pictures you have yet to see, but I think since I’m so behind you’ll just have to check out my shutterfly or my flickr which I will try to remember to keep updating. One thing I desire for 2010 is to blog frequently (I feel like I’ve slowed down a bit) and to keep documenting Chase’s life and sharing it with you. I am so excited as I already see his little personality shining through and look forward to this next year. Wonder what it holds!
His 5 month photos are coming soon because, it’s hard to believe, but he is almost 6 months!

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