Thrifted Treasures {6}

Time for another Thrifted Treasures post because this Saturday I’m taking another trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming to visit my Aunt and to go thrifting along with my mom and grandma (and of course, Chasers)

But before I show you Monday’s finds… I must show you a {incredible} treasure that I forgot to show you last week!

This kids TotSpot lounge chair, a whopping $3! And it looks like it’s never been used! When I found it I even thought to myself, How is this still here?! What a steal! And most importantly, Chase LOVES it :) (and yes, if you noticed, his feet really ARE that big! He has a monsterous sized foot for a 20 month old!)

Okay, now onto my treasures from this week;

Set of black dishes (minus one bowl) $6.50

Shutter $1.50 I plan to paint this and used it in my craft room.

Brand new Target brand towel which I got half off; $2.50!

My mom found this book for Chase which was perfect. It has a little camera which he loves. I found this chair for $2! I plan on spray painting it because the original colour is pretty banged up.

These beautiful jars for food storage like this idea. $1-1.25 a piece!

One of my favourite treasures of the week!! Kid’s art easle for $3!!! I plan to make the whiteboard side a felt board for learning!

Below is my all time favourite treasure of the week;

This stunning eclectic patchwork quilt $22. This was pricey but so worth it and such a steal!

This will be our spring/summer blanket for our bed when we put away our black duvet and down comforter. It has ALL of our bedroom colours and more; black, blue, aqua, red, deep yellow, etc.

We’re slowly gathering everything we need for our new home which we get April 1st!! We’re so excited!

If you’re a thrifter please join in and let me know so I can be inspired by YOUR finds :)

I’ll leave ya with this fun photo. We had gotten home from thrifting and decided to work on my Etsy store stuff outside because it was a beautiful sunny day. So we made this “thrifted fort” for Chasey-boy which he enjoyed :)

4 thoughts on “Thrifted Treasures {6}

  1. danielle cochrane says:

    $22?!?!?! That is not pricey at all! Maybe stuff like that is cheaper down there, but you’d never see something like that for a price like that up here. Even in Value Village. And if it was in an antique shop it would be like $300 probably.

    That is a sweet steal of a deal and I love it!!


  2. Jana says:

    oooooooo! Please post what you do in your craft room with your shutter! I have several of them that I took off one of our windows that I have kept because I know they MUST be good for something, but I haven’t ever been able to think of anything! I would love some ideas!


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