Thrifted Treasures {3}

Blog 3 of Thrifted Treasures! This time, I’m sharing items I found thrifting AND one item I found while going through my momma’s attic :)

Fabric, $1.75 all together

vintage mugs, $1.50 (I really want to keep these, but I think I might sell them too, they don’t match our kitchen colours)

with a little modge podge and fabric, these will be transformed into home decor for us!

This will be transformed into a jewelry holder and sold on  my etsy store.

This vintage toy I bought this summer at my grandma’s garage sale. It became my inspiration for the kid’s room (I’ve added coral pink things since we lost Eisley, in her honour). So with this in mind, check out a few more things I’ve added to the ever growing collection for the room;

I think this will look awesome on teal walls. Vintage frame, $.50

The book on the left was a book I read and loved as a child and the other I honestly bought, just for the colours! $.25 a piece

Searching through my madre’s “attic” this week and Chase found this which totally matched the theme and colours for the room, so we brought it home.

He {loves} it. I’ve let him play with it for a little while but this is actually going up on a shelf in his room when we get our new place.

vintage Bambi, $2. I had to get it. This was one of my favourite movies when I was a little girl. Kinda sad right? My first two favourite kids movies ever were Bambi and The Land Before Time! Haha. I also loved Backdraft and Pretty Women, which I even sung Pretty Women at my mom and dad’s wedding when I was 3. So those kid’s movies were actually pretty good considering ;)

jammies, $.50 and his new favourite book, $.25

I love posting these but you know what I’d really love?! If you’ve been inspired by this, blog it, comment here with the link. I’d love to see what {you’ve} found!

6 thoughts on “Thrifted Treasures {3}

  1. Jess Alley says:

    Love it! The truck is awesome!! I am inspired to find hidden treasures!

    Ps- me and Shane are watching “the land before time” right now!!!


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