Thrifted Treasures {2}

(I actually wrote this post yesterday, so I’m just going to post it today. I don’t really have the strength to re-write it, so here we go :))

Today, we thrifted! This past week I’ve hit up the Fort Collins Thrift stores, all except one (that I know of). I decided to start doing “Thrifted Treasure” posts to share my finds and to hopefully inspire you to shop at your local thrift stores! I always love to see what others find a treasure! You’d be amazed at what you can find, but sometimes it just takes time. And sometimes it takes going in with a plan for what you want. My biggest struggle with thrift shopping is the moment I walk in I begin wondering how I could use, or what I could create, with such and such and sometimes have way too much in my cart when I go to pay and have to sort through what to keep and what treasure to leave for someone else to find. Oh the pain of being a thriftaholic ;)

Here are a few of my newfound treasures!

Fabric! All but the teal checkered one will be repurposed and sold on my Colour Her {Hope} Etsy store. The teal one will be made into something lovely for our (soon to be) home!

Ugly frames to be repurposed, definitely painted. :)

Mugs to paint and sell!

I’ve slowly collected vintage books and toys for our the kid’s room. Bittersweet, but I am still going to use the theme I had planned for Chase and Eisley. All things vintage, thrifted, and handmade.

Wreaths to create for my Esty shop.

Beautiful large {eclectic} rug! (My biggest spend; $10) This photo doesn’t do this rug justice, but it is a faded red, almost pink colour which I love. Ted did too!

Amazing… I will definitely change the colour of these to pink/teal balloons with white strings and hang them in our kid’s room. (My 2nd big spend; $6, worth every penny)

Now, my absolute, favourite treasure of the day;

I {gasped} when I saw these tiny pink baby girl converse. If you’ve followed our journey, when I was pregnant with my sweet Eisley, then you know, this was apart of one tiny dream I had.


It makes my heart ache a bit, but also remember how I felt when I was pregnant with my Eisley-girl, my precious time with her. I can’t decide what to do with these exactly but they will go in the kid’s room as well. A whopping $1.50, my last and best find of the day.

We’ve begun our search (again) for a new home for our little family!!! I am so excited about decorating our home!! I have this little dream in my head and my hope and vision is a handmade, vintage, eclectic home! Thrifting helps all of the above. :) Pray we find a home soon? We are in need of a fresh start.

(Edit from today; Another prayer request; Please keep up in your thoughts/prayers tomorrow? It’s hard for me to even say aloud (or type) what we’re doing tomorrow, I will just say it will be a very hard day for us. )

9 thoughts on “Thrifted Treasures {2}

  1. ashleigh dean says:

    I *LOVE* the tiny pink converse. I can’t imagine how your heart aches, but I am so thrilled that you keep finding little things like that to remind you of Eisley. I just prayed for you and Ted, and will continue to do so throughout the day!


  2. susan says:

    have you heard of mandi at vintage revivals? she’s all about thrifting, too and she usually hosts a link-up where you can show off your treasures. here’s her blog-

    i’m sure you’d love it! i’m so jealous of all your finds. i feel like our thrift stores here are horrible! and i love the pink shoes. what a special find!!!


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