Swing, Swing

Originally we were going to purchase this one. I’m am SO thankful we were advised to not get a swing because (and only for this reason)…

Chase LOVES the cheesy things!
I would have never bought this one, but now I love it! Because I know it will keep his attention.
I love the more modern look, like our baby bouncer, but honestly it’s such a waste of money for us. For our baby and what he likes. Maybe our next baby will want the modern look? Yeah probably not. He pretty much dislikes his bouncer and the mobile on it doesn’t keep his attention. I am going to blame this on me. But you can’t blame me… the elephants and how it matched our colours, the ipod plug in… okay, okay it was because I liked it. Me.
P.S. amazon and ebay ROCK for purchases like this! Online garage sales :)

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