Huggies Reward Points & A Coupon.

Okay, so I am becoming kind of annoying now huh? But I know a lot of you that read my blog are Momma’s or aunties or you know someone who could use the deal and I always find sweet deals on the thrifty blogs and it just recently hit me… why not share them with you?

Huggies has a reward system similar to the pamper’s Gifts to Grow points. Here are some codes below.
Huggies Enjoy The Ride rewards (What is enjoy the ride?);

Oh and a 3$ off coupon HERE for the Huggies Pure & Natural I wrote about yesterday. Just scroll through the coupon pages and it is on there. Click clip and when you are done scrolling through the coupons hit the red print coupon button on the right hand side above the coupons. My mom showed me this site a few months ago and I am thankful for it :)

Enjoy Momma’s! Have a wonderful Saturday! We are just chillin’ today for we had a loooong night! I will post videos soon.

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