Shailo Valour

1 month.

Shai is now 7 weeks old. I can hardly believe how fast time is flying by. I thought I should probably post the photos I took of him at 1 month before we take his 2 month photos :)

 Because I documented every little detail of Chase’s first year (I was pretty outrageous but I love that I did it :) It inspires me to keep documenting with Shailo!) I can pretty much look back and see exactly what Chase was doing at the different baby stages. It’s amazing that I can already see the personality difference in our two boys. Oh, how I love that!

There are some similarities but mostly there are so many differences already. I know, I know, he’s only 7 weeks but still I can see them {already}. (hope to post more on the differences I see in them, sometime later)

Well, I guess if I’m going to find time to blog (which I love and miss!) then it will have to be late at night and simple posts filled with pictures, haha.  I may have finally found my new perfect time to blog. YAY!! ;)

Good night, world.


2 thoughts on “1 month.

  1. thanks for blogging and posting pictures! even if you have trouble finding the time, when you do, there are people quite excited and eager to read :)


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