I’m kind of an open book. I mean if you read my blog, you know this. I share things maybe most would keep to themselves. For a few years I kept hidden a dark part of my past and once I was honest and shared, I found myself changed deeply. I finally felt free. I find there is something about sharing honestly,  rawly (new word :) but carefully that is so freeing and even healing.

I know in doing so you open yourself up to criticism and to judgment, yes. But also to encouragement and even along my journey of sharing I’ve found it encouraging others to speak (my favourite part).

To be real.



The truth? When I share in person or hit “publish” on here I always keep in mind that because I’m putting myself out there, sharing my heart and emotions, it leaves room to be hurt. And I have been hurt in sharing, yes.

Still, I see the {hope} in sharing the bright parts of my journey as well as the deep, darkest valley ones too.

I write freely and I don’t consider myself a scholarly writer with eloquent wording and grammar (I mean, let’s be real here, I rarely ever have a post without grammar and punctuation flaws. Those of you who watch out for that – I can hear you chuckling right now :)) But I still do it.

Freely, openly. Raw, honest, authentic.

This is me. No barriers, no walls, no facades as I write. I’ve realized sharing your journey honestly can be healing.

Perhaps I share this way because it’s something I crave and am drawn to; realness. The blogs I frequent most are authentic and real. Heartbreakingly raw at times.

I encourage you to share your journey, the bright moments and dark valley ones. Wait and watch as you find healing. Wait and watch as it blesses someone else. 

You may find there is healing in sharing your journey, you may not (and that’s totally okay!). I’ve personally found sharing to be healing and it bring hope to myself and to others. I shake off the negativity that sometimes comes my way and share with my heart even still because of how deeply freeing I find it.

Today, I just felt to share about sharing.

You may be surprised at how much your journey and authenticity could bless another.

Be {honest}, be {real}, be {brave}.


8 thoughts on “share.

  1. Shanna says:

    I am an open book as well Jami and I have received lots of criticism and eyebrow raising. I crave deep honesty and rawness and just plain Real people. Thanks for blogging this as I don’t feel so alone. The world needs more of this as we have become such a week society that we cannot even receive the slightest correction or have an HONEST conversation. You are beautiful because there is no false perception. I feel like I have a new heart friend. I get you and love you for it. Thanks!


  2. Melissa says:

    I enjoyed your blog about sharing. I crave honest, authentic, real relationships, as well. I tend to be that way when interacting with people I know well, but haven’t been brave enough to put myself out there in an open blog. I admire your courage!
    I had googled cute boxes for storage which linked me to your DIY which led me to your blog. What a find! Thank you!


    • colourherhope says:

      Thank you so much, Melissa. It’s funny because in person, unless i know you really well, i don’t share like this. My blog I do and i find it so very freeing. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!


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