Insta-Friday {2}

Oh golly, I would {hug} the makers of instagram (seriously). I love to capture the moments along our journey in life and this tool makes it even easier than ever before. I seriously {love} it and I think my mother-in-law way up in Alaska appreciates all the documentation of her grandbabies as well ;) Here are some photos from the past month. I hope to do insta-friday from here on out so not to cram all of them into one post again. Plus it’s fun to reminisce on some of the things that took place in our week!

a few ‘you know you’re a momma to a boy when…’ moments captured.

Left: Last Saturday my beautiful friend Alaina wed. I was supposed to be standing beside her (in Illinois) in my beautiful black bridesmaid dress but instead sat on the couch (in Colorado) in a Breckenridge shirt and jammie bottoms crying my eyes out. True story. I had to make the toughest decision after realizing I couldn’t make it happen and that my family needed me more in this time. It was hard but I’m SO thankful I was able to watch it LIVE! Right: We’ve all been sick this week. Shailo’s been a trooper despite the many meetings with this suctioner aka miracle worker as you can see. :)
Perhaps my favourite moments captured this week. Chase and his great-grandfather, Willard (my grandpa)Colorado has had a bit of a “heat wave” the past week so we ventured out to our nearby park.

daily fun with my boys.
how stinkin’ cute?!left: bath time bubbles. right: blue bath time fun. Sesame Street Fizzy bathtub colours. $1 for 9 different colour tablets!! Your kiddo(s) would LOVE em’!

Ted captured Shai’s blue, blue eyes. Taken by Ted – go check out some of his latest work.
A major part of our lives right now; organizing, simplifying, de-cluttering- you name it. It’s a must this year. A must.A before and after of Ted’s office space. Displaying some of Ted’s film photography.Left: replaced Ted’s film work with a few of my fav intax photos. Right: Ted’s bookcase at the moment. He’s outgrown yet another one! CRAZY man will have a library by next year at this rate ;)Last week I went on a spontaneous date night to Sherlock Holmes WITH a modern day Sherlock. ;) No, but seriously. Ted caught a guy stealing, running to a getaway car and take off. These guys have been robbing many stores in Fort Collins and they caught them! We joked that Ted has been watching too much White Collar on his winter break from school ;)
And finally, me and my beautiful, and surprisingly strong, 2 month old boy. My mini me with blue eyes.

You can find me on instagram: @colourherhope

life rearranged

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