A Just Because Blog.

Growing up, my mom would say this verse with us (click to enlarge the above photo to read it, if you want). We’d come to her every night and ask for our blessing :) I still love it and do it with Chase now.

A few random things:
  • we’ve got a nickname for Chase. Chasey. My mom and siblings call him this and it just sticks. I like it too.
  • there is another nickname brewing but I don’t like this one. CJ. Let’s just call him Chase or Chasey, k? Hahaha
  • we’ve started this new thing (also thanks to my mom; she’s pretty rad) where you ask Chase to “tell me a story about…” and say a persons name or ask about his day… he talks and talks and coos and screams with delight… ahhhh i love it!
  • he looooves to stand in your lap, a table etc. and get’s excited when he does and starts swinging his arms out, holding his head up and looking around. Like “Look at me! I’m a big boy!”… (kinda bittersweet…)
  • he loves his musical cow, mr. moose toy, playing on the floor (but still knowing your in the room), punching everything and when he’s not punching, he’s grasping (your hair, your shirt, toys…), MUSIC (yay!), dancing with momma, being tickled, baby einstein videos (although i don’t put them on much), snuggling with momma when it’s nap time and obviously eating :)
I somehow lost track of a week of Chase’s life! Well, I mean it was there, I just got stuck on the same week twice. He is ALREADY 11 weeks and will be 12 weeks on Saturday! eeee!

Dear Chase, stop growing up so fast! Love, Your mom who doesn’t want to think about getting prego again right now. ;)
p.s. These photos are taken with my mobile or iphoto so the quality stinks but the memories I’m already lovin’.

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