7 Months Old.

Today, my little baby boy (yes, I’m in denial as he grows), is one month older! It’s bittersweet and I’m pretty sure I say that with every month and with every stage. I’ll be one of those mommas who call their 18 year old their baby. ;)

Chase is on the verge of crawling, I finally gave in and decided, it’s not that big of a deal if he does. I read and heard that crawling before walking is essential in brain development and when he decided to reach over and pull himself up to our coffee table, I freaked out! He also pulls himself up with whatever he can now and usually that doesn’t end well for him. I’d better get used to having a boy!

So… I’m now an advocate for crawling…

and despite the many banged up lips, so is Chase.

He still falls asleep anywhere, which I love.  Don’t be jealous of me though- for he does not sleep through the night and when he does nap, it is only 30-40 minutes long! I sometimes wonder how I manage with little sleep and I really think it’s a little thing called God’s grace. I’ve also tried to stay positive which has helped a lot too. I do have my days and moments though where I let it get to me!

He has a crazy love for legos and wicker baskets. He is fascinated with them in a way I can’t explain. He’s such a boy… I will post a video soon!

Chase is growing  up so fast, he looks like a little boy instead of a baby, more and more each month. His personality is a strong, slightly stubborn but mostly sweet one.

His strong side comes out physically as he learns what his body can do like rock back and forth while on his knees, pull himself to a sitting or standing position, etc.

His more stubborn side has taught him to arch his back every time mommy puts him in his car seat or on the changing table. And most recently his more stubborn side comes out when I am dressing him.

His sweet side comes as he snuggles against mommy or daddy or friends or he gets sleepy or when he is teething and achy. And my favorite part, the little moments throughout the day where he leans his head against mine and looks into my eyes… the most.precious.thing.ever.

Well, I’ve got to run, because Ted comes home tonight!!! Sorry for the crappy pictures from my camera phone. It’s all I’ve got this week :)

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