Big Cough, Little Boy.

Chase has croup. It started with a cold, then overnight he had a fever and a horrid cough. Poor buddy, it makes my heart ache to hear him cough so deep and cry from the pain of it. I feel so helpless but we’re doing our best to make him comfortable as he gets better.

What can cheer up a little boy with a big cough?

A laundry basket? Yep! :)

This might seem like torture but he was having a great time. I just loved seeing him smile!

A few drops of eucalyptus oil on his chest does {wonders} (thanks Petra for the advice!), along with warm/hot showers with mom or dad and waaaaay more naps than this boy normally takes. He should be back to his normal, playful, happy self soon!

Croup gets worse at night but I am still hoping for a good night for the boy. Please pray for healing for his little “broken” body!

Going to go “sleep while he sleeps” and may blog more tomorrow. :)

3 thoughts on “Big Cough, Little Boy.

  1. Kami Bowker says:

    Lord, bless our sweet, little Chasey during his illness. Heal his little body. Give Jami peace, security in your loving care of Chase, and rest. Keep Chasey sleeping in the night and many naps during the day! Jami you are such a good mommy! Keep up the good work. I love you much, and love watching you be a mother! Madre


  2. Lana Snyders says:

    Hey hun, it’s so precious to hear how much you absolutely love & adore your son :D Your pictures are so beautiful and I can’t wait to meet that handsome little man! Hope he’s feeling better soon & you’re able to get some rest in the meantime :)


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