My Heart Breaks.

Today my heart is breaking for two specific things.

One, Haiti. The devastation, the tragedy.

Two, my immediate family. Specifically my mom and my 16-year-old sister, Abie.
For years, my mom has struggled with depression and the past few months, she has hit rock bottom. It is something to do with the chemicals in her brain. I won’t go into all of the details, but I will say, she is in desperate need of a change and our prayers.

My sister Abie was also recently diagnosed with depression.

{It breaks my heart in a way I can’t explain}
I hate to see them hurting.
Believing lies.

It’s the things which seem so helpless and moments which seem so lifeless and hopeless where I realized and I am stunned by the power of prayer.

Here I am, Father. Seeking You, asking You to bring a peace which surpasses all understanding, hope where hope is lost and truth where lies have been spoken.

I ask Father you help Haiti, my mother and my sister to find peace in you.
And to dream again.

They are in Your hands, Abba.

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