Salam Aleykum.

Tonight was probably my favourite night of this week, and not just because it’s Friday evening. Although the fact that the weekend is here after a busy week is wonderful news!

Lately it has really been on our hearts to do something outside of the YWAM community & to do something that will help keep our future visions awakened and well. Thankfully, God provided a way for both! It is the best way ever, nothing like we expected!

A man working at our YWAM base here in Arvada was speaking with Ted about how he worked assisting the government with new refugee families from all over the world who are brought to the Denver area to live.
As many of you know, Ted live in Afghanistan for 6 months, among the people and the culture and has such a heart to head back someday. Ted was thrilled to tell me about this opportunity to help a family, possibly an Afghan family. We immediately called and soon we met with a man who was excited to tell us there was an Afghan family in need of services and lessons on our culture and language! An AFGHAN family!
This evening we met with our “adopted” Afghan family for the first time, and it was so wonderful. We were both so nervous to meet them, especially me because I have heard about the culture but never experienced it! Oh golly, did we experience it tonight!! Hours of conversations & amazing homemade Afghan food!
We immediately “hit it off” with the family. The family is a mother with 6 children; 3 boys, 3 girls. And probably the most stunningly beautiful girls I have ever seen! Their ages range from 10 – 20. We ended up only meeting the 3 daughters & the mother tonight. Although I did briefly catch a young boy peeking his cute little head around the corner!
So, what will we be doing with them?
Honestly, whatever they need. Nothing financially unless God leads but they aren’t expecting anything like that. We will be helping them reapply for food stamps, help with anything they need fixed in their home, teaching them how to drive before the drivers test, basic american culture, language, etc. You get the idea. The mother is the only one who barely speaks any english. The children, especially the oldest, speak it well but can improve.
On the ride home tonight we talked about all of the possibilities for them and “we could take them to do this” and “they should learn this”. Needless to say we are so excited for this God given opportunity!
We will also be doing fun things with them too hopefully. Things like taking them into the mountains, possibly Eagle Rock, or taking them sledding, or taking them downtown to see sites, things they’ve never done in their year and 1/2 here.
Please pray for this relationship to deepen & that God will pour out through us! They are Muslim and we both really feel led to be Christ, but we will not bring anything religious up unless they do. We know and trust Christ’s pursuit for his children and pray He shines through us! Please pray for us!
Love much,
Ted & Jami

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