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5 Generations!

Chase, Momma, Grandma Kami, Great Grandma Mary Jo and Great GREAT Grandma Lois.

Our first family photo!
Can you believe it? 5 generations! We were all first borns and we all started young, so that combo helps I guess ;)

Late night feedings with Chase usually end with me rocking him while singing ‘You are my sunshine’. Last night was my favourite by far (minus staying up for 3 1/2 hours straight). As I sung to him, he cuddled with me and kept looking up at me, wide eyed, smiling and cooing as if he was trying to talk to me. I LOVE IT! He makes everything so worth it, even the long nights.

Today I was worried about his breathing and took him into the doctors “just in case”. See, I have asthma and it could be hereditary because last week he started to cough or choke during/after feedings. It turns out he has a mild case of reflux but he is okay! Praise God! I was really worried.
Oh, and our little man is now weighing in at a whopping 11 lbs 4 oz! Even though that sounds huge, he really is still small and infant-like. I don’t want you to picture a 4 month old, cause he’s not that huge ;)
Ahh bummer, I just realized I forgot to do ‘not me Monday’ but I don’t have the energy to remember all of my lovely not me’s for this week. Next time!

One thought on “5 Generations!

  1. so we weren't the only ones up all night (well from 1:30-4:30, plus a couple more feedings)! Was Chase just awake and happy or fussy? Josiah was overtired and really fussy because of his gas/reflux. It was a tough night but today he's been cuddly and content.


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