Favourite Finds {3}

Happy Sunday!

Chase is in bed, my feet are up, massage chair on, ahhhhh, so good! I’m really not bragging, you should have seen what I did today ;) You wouldn’t be jealous, I promise. I always try to get thing in order Sunday so I face the new week afresh. Today’s “straightening” took hours! I don’t mind Sundays being like this though because our “sabbath” is Mondays; Ted is off work and school so we indeed have one day to rest. My mom usually comes over and creates with me, which makes it even better :)

Whoa, sidetrack. All that to say, my feet are up and it’s time to post some inspirational finds. Yay (I’m such a nerd). You can read the first two posts here and here to get a feel for what ‘Favourite Finds’ is and to {hopefully} be inspired!

(click on photos to take you to the link)

From my Create Play Learn – with my Little Sunshines board;

Cute idea! I’m going to attempt this with Chase’s dinosaur cookie cutters (and probably burn my finger because they don’t have these nifty handles)! Thanks Justine for pinning this!

Having a boy who LOVES to throw things, this is truly a brilliant learning idea!!

From my For My Little Sunshine’s board;

I want to make something like this for Chase! (in regards to his daddy not me. Even though I LOVE to take photos, I am not a the Photographer!)

this. is. adorable. A great idea for kid’s who share a room or a playroom!

From my Inspiration for a Hopeful Home board;

Isn’t this beautiful?! This would be so peaceful. If we ever are blessed with a porch, I hope to do something as beautiful as this.

From my Daydream – my wishlist board;

Oh wow. For Ted. Love the details!

And this two pretty much screams Jami! I would just love this. hint hint. ;)

This one too. I mean, teal, pink and a polaroid! LOVE.

Lace back workout top. one of the cutest workout tops I’ve seen! (from Gap)

From my Photography I Love board;

So cute and slightly nerdy. I like. (Thanks CayeDee for finding this!)

I’ll always think of her.

Beautifully captured.

From my Oh So Lovely Tattoos board;

So so so beautiful. From the e.e. cummings poem “I carry your heart with me” THIS is an idea I had for the place “above my heart”, but I have a few different ideas as well. But SEEING it actually tattooed… love it even more!

Ready to have your breath taken away?

I teared up when I saw. Incredible. Makes me think of my Eisley-girl in her Saviours hands. WHEW.

From my Quotes and Saying I Heart board;

be still. i love this verse so. very. much.

thank you, Jesus.

From My Dream Creative Space board;

art brush vase. beautiful! for my craft room or even the living room!

From my Sew Cute board;

Simple dress tutorial. Would love to make one for this summer!

From my The Sunshine’s Room board;

Well, if that’s the case… Chase sure loves me a WHOLE bunch ;)

I love this idea of fabric cloud decals on the wall for our Kid’s room.  I know it’s called “The Sunshine’s room” but this really fits what I pictured!

From My Someday Soon DIYs board;

For those who know me, they know just how fitting this is. hehe. I LOVE my creamer and definitely making something (maybe this!) with this saying, for our kitchen!

How simple and incredible?! I want to do this with a few photos and I told my two sisters, this would be an incredible idea for a part of centerpieces as a wedding!

And, perhaps my favourite find of the week;

A stunning idea to display Eisley’s precious things. I showed Ted and we’d love to do something like this.

Well, those are just a few of my favourite finds for this week. If you’re inspired here, you’ll probably like the rest I’ve posted! Also, if you’d like a Pinterest account, please let me know and I’ll send you an invite!

AND FINALLY…the Freezer paper stencil DIY I’ve been promising… coming tomorrow or Tuesday! This is a DIY you’ll definitely love!

my dream; the perfect picture.

(balloon pendant I bought from Mayo Mahem on Etsy)

Saturday night I dreamt I stood on a tiny little box and held tight to thousands of pink balloons. They lifted me and took me high into the sky (like you know when you’re on an airplane and you pass the first set of clouds and it kind of looks like a plain of clouds? I got that high) but then a point came where I could no longer hold onto them. The wind tossed them so strongly that little by little I let go. And I fell and as I fell I watched the balloons fly higher and higher until out of sight. I was so upset that I couldn’t hold on, that I’d let go…

I fell into the ocean and came up for my first breath only to have this wave immediately hit me and pull me under. Every time I would try to catch my breath, another wave came and then another and then another. (This was the majority of my dream until I woke)

I can’t even begin to tell you how perfectly this dream mirrors how I feel. I mean, at first I didn’t think so. At first, I felt upset and panicked when I remember how I felt in my dream, when I couldn’t hold on to the balloons. I told Ted I was afraid it “meant” I need to let her go. He immediately told me, no he didn’t think that’s what it represented. He felt it perfectly represented losing Eisley and how we felt when we lost her. That resontated in me. I wept.

If I could take how I feel and put them into a picture, this dream is a perfect picture.

When we lost Eisley, I felt an array of emotions. I can’t really pinpoint one. But I can say I had an overwhelming desire to hold on when I knew I couldn’t. Watching the “balloons” slip from my fingers until I could no longer hold them. The to watch them fly higher and higher, away from me, out of my reach, my heart screaming “no, no, no!” when my mind knew so clearly I couldn’t do anything to get “them” back.

And then, before I knew it, the waves came roaring in with all of their might and strength and swept me under before I can catch my breath fully. Before I even knew what was happening. And then the waves keep coming. Here and there the “waves” calm and I’m able to fully catch my breath and brace myself for the next round.

I was talking with my friend Petra about my dream. When I shared my dream with her, she immediately shared something so profound with me. I was hesitant to even share my dream on my blog but the collaboration of my dream, my feelings and the things I and others feel it means. I just had to share because I just had this feeling this would really, really speak to someone else like it did me.

(image from pinterest)

“right now you are in grief
because of the trauma and the sadness
grief = the crashing waves
that make it feel like you will never breath again
but they will begin to ebb …you will still experience sorrow and sadness
the waves will grow gentler with time
gradually the grieving season will end
not the sadness
not the sorrow
not the missing Eisley
but the grief
the heart gripping, gut wrenching grief
it will
i promise
i know right now it feels like you can’t breath
and i don’t know how long the grieving process will take
and i also think its really important you let you know that you can have the saddness without the grief
that there will be a time where it feels as if you have grieved
don’t feel like you need to do it again
and dont start trying just because the feelings arent as deep anymore
because the seasons are all important
grief is not the goal
and its not the end
it is a process and it is so VERY necessary to embrace it
and to let jesus and those around you help be your life raft
take your time grieving
if you don’t grieve her now
and take all the time you need
then you will again later
and again
and again and agin
and it will eat.you.up.
when you know the season of grieving is coming to an end…let go of that part
not of eisley
that’s not what you’re letting go of
by allowing yourself to move from grieving to the next season may feel like at times you’re letting go of her
and i’m encouraging you now not to feel that way
when the time comes.
right now you have…the ache from missing her, the crushed dreams, the grief from loosing a child, the trauma from her birth,etc…, all together
the ache won’t go away
you will ALWAYS miss her.
BUT you won’t always feel it as acutely as you do now
you won’t always feel all these things all together; the grief and the trauma…there will be a time when they are replaced with joy and laughter
i know that might sound trite
its not like you will ever forget that those things happened
but you will have the grace to carry on
and be able to feel his joy being your stregnth
but that ache and missing her will still be present
Whew. I copied her words during our conversation and pasted them in a note on our computer because I want to put them in my journal, they just really resonate and help me to understand my grieving in a better way.
I’ve been battling and trying to understand how I would ever stop grieving when I ache this much right now. I don’t know if I could even clearly express with words this battle within me. Whenever I hear “time heals all wounds” or anything related to with time it will get better, etc… my heart is confused. How is this possible? I don’t want time to heal this wound. I will always ache and I want to ache. I can’t explain what goes on inside of me when I think of the future and what people tell me of grief and “the grieving process”.
Slowly the pieces are slowly “falling into place” inside of my head and my heart with grieving, sorrow, loss, aching and the future. I’ve let it really bring me down but realized that I need to be in this moment now without letting it completely control me but also making sure I am really allowing myself to grieve how I need to grieve. In a healthy way. This dream and what I (and others) feel it represents helps me to understand this even more.
I need to be in this moment.
And this might sound crazy, but right now, I’d rather be in the crashing waves, banged up and bruised; feeling.
I’d rather this than be numb or to be done grieving. I’m not ready to be done.
All the while, I am carrying her in my heart.
Not letting her go, because I don’t have to.
I can face grief full force knowing this.

Favourite Finds {2}

Pinterest. If ya haven’t already heard of this amazing site, you should definitely go check it out.

Basically pinterest is a collaboration of creativity and inspiration from all over the web but pinned in one place. It’s an amazing way to have all of your inspirations in one place. I get a little carried away because it’s so inspirational, you just keep pinning others finds without pinning things that I’ve found and want to save for future reference.

Well, I thought I would post a blog post on Sunday afternoons called ‘Favourite Finds’ with some good finds from that week or previous weeks that I’d love to share, but totally couldn’t get one out last night. So here we are :)

Below are 1-3 favourite finds I found the past few weeks from a few of my boards. Click on the image to direct you to the source. Side note: on pinterest you can organize your “pins” into inspiration “boards”.

Two “pins” from my Someday Soon DIYs board:

I absolutely love this idea. I would like to do something a little different but with the same idea. SO cute!

Super simple and cute idea. Framed pincushion.

Two from my Create Play Learn – with my Littles board:

This is a brilliant idea for whenever someone is “bored”. I know a lot of momma’s who’d appreciate me posting this one :)

I am making something like this as soon as possible. His art is always piled in odd places. This would be handy and Ted would get to see it right away too!

Two from my Jami Stylee boards:

I want one in each colour. These look so comfy!

Pretty vintage dress for date nights or just because.

Two from my Inspiration for a Hopeful Home board:

Okay, so first, I know you’re probably sick of teal or  teal and coral pink “talk” on here! I changed my blog back in April to these colours and they always remind me of Eisley-girl so I think I’ll always crush on teal and pink… annnd so you might here about it more than you’d like. ;)

This is such a pretty, pretty teal. This is the colour I picuture in our living room.

This is almost exactly how I pictured doing a room for Eisley. A little more coral pink than pinky-pink and no grey(although I do love how it looks, it just wasn’t apart of what I pictured). It kind of breaks me heart but I hope someday when we have another little girl and share with her the inspiration behind the colours, her sister. Someday. Whew.

Love this idea of a dream jar. This sparked two ideas in me; one representing healing for Ted and I.

One finds from My Oh So Lovely Tattoos board:

I just love this. “Anchor of hope” couple tattoo. I love the concept. Ted and I are getting a tattoo together for our 5th wedding anniversary (’12) and this placement I like. I like this tattoo but we won’t be getting this.

Two finds from my Inspirational Ideas for Our Bedroom board:

I had this idea to do a wall of unqiue and beautiful poses representing marriage, strength, bond, love, us, etc. We decided we’d both search for photos we’d love to have a friend take of us and frame them on one wall in our room. I saw this and found it to be so powerful, especially for where we are at right now.

I also want to incorpate sayings, quotes, verses etc that are powerful and also represent what I said above. I would love to use these words and put them on canvas or frame them!

Two from my ‘Hair Inspirations’ board:


To say I miss my super tangled mess of ringlet curls is a {huge} understatement. 3 months pregnant with Chase I began to lose my curls (Chase stole them! When his hair gets wet, it curls.) Now I have only a slight wave. I had two other friends who lost all of their curl while pregnant, one got all her curls and more back! I am hopeful. It makes me regret the years of straightening them now I would give anything to have them back!

Colour, length, hairstyle. Whoa.

Two from my The Sunshine Room board:

Incredible use of embroidery hoops. Would love to do this in the kid’s room.


Two from For My Little Sunshine’s board:

This Ah.ma.zing little reading nook.

Old nightstand transformed into a little kitchenette! How amazing is this?!

Two from my Home Furniture Projects board:

Old frame transformed into an beautiful headboard.

Vintage suitcase made into this amazing nightstand/end table. Hope to do something like this!

Okay, so that’s all for now. I wish I could post more here tonight but instead, hop on over to my boards at pinterest.com/colourherhope if you found this blog inspiring! There are so many brilliant ideas.

In fact, I’ve found there to be SO many amazing ideas but you can get carried away “pinning” other people’s ideas that aren’t 100% you. I do. I end up deleting some that I thought were amazing but later realized, even through they were a great idea, they just weren’t really me or something I would really do someday.

Anyhow…if you’d like an invite, let me know!  One way to know if pinterest is something you’d use… if you already have folders on your laptop or bookmarked or “stickied” a bunch of sites/ideas and inspirations. You. will. love. this. site.

DIY Pretty and Thrifty Home Decor

I’m pretty excited to share these two Do It Yourself projects because I actually did both of these projects {weeks} ago and haven’t had the right time to share on here yet!

The first DIY: Mason Jar Transformation (well, and other jars!)

Remember these random jars from one of my ‘Thrifted Treasures’ posts?

Well, let’s just say  a little bit of spray paint goes a long, long way!

I used Krylon spray paint (1-2 coats) and…

Look at the transformation! I really wasn’t sure how this would turn out, but I was {really} impressed (krylon sprays so beautifully, spend the extra $1!) so I got a little carried away and painted quite a few jars. I would like to paint some of my others black for more of a chic look, and see how that turns out. I will let ya know :)

I just love the way they turned out and still seem super vintage and now match our colours.

Try it out and let me know what you did! It’s thrifty and pretty home decor!

DIY #2: Fabric covered vase (idea found on Prudent Baby)

Supplies used:

modge podge

sponge brush


hurricane vase ($1 at hobby store or cheaper if you can find them at a thrift store)

Basically you measure the material to fit the vase. Modge podge and add fabric one section at a time. Smooth out any bubbles. Add modge podge on top after the first layer dries (opitonal). And you’re done!

Add something pretty inside (these are a bouquet from Ted on Valentine’s Day. It was so sweet because he got his two girls Valentine’s. The gerber daisies remind us of our Eisley-girl :)) 

 I used a small piece of some beautiful vintage fabric I bought at a thrift store. I am selling the actual fabric, but just had to cut out a small piece for myself!

Sorry this is a bit of a rushed post, I really wanted to get this out tonight while I can!

Hope you’re inspired to {create}!

Tomorrow afternoon I might do a ‘Favourite Finds’ just for fun to relax and inspire and be inspired! And UM, if you haven’t checked out Pinterest, more about that tomorrow!!

Pretty Storage Boxes (an easy-peesy DIY)

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in need of more storage space for crafty purposes and for memoury type stuff. I wait for sales at hobby stores but even then you’re spending $4 or more for the super cute storage boxes. (I’ll totally admit, I’ve spent more money just because they were cute!) Well, today my mom pointed to a stack of boxes we had sitting out and asked if I had seen the cute storage boxes at Michaels (a hobby storre we had just gotten back from). I misunderstood what she said and that’s where this idea sparked from;

Why not make our own cute storage boxes today?!

Supplies used:

shoe boxes

modge podge

spondge brush

pretty paper!!

paper cutter or xacto knife

Here’s the DIY. It’s super simple!

Measure the paper to fit the box.

Apply modge podge, one section at a time and carefully place the pretty paper on.

Smooth out any bubbles. I did not add a layer on top but you can if you want to be super safe.

(mine remind me of spring, hope!)

And now I’ve got super CUTE storage boxes that cost close to nothing!

Hope you’re inspired! Another DIY coming soon :)

5 months; the part where the shock wears off.

(5 months ago today, we held our precious baby girl, whispered our earthly goodbyes)

My fear of man keeps surfacing lately and I’ve really allowed myself to be so afraid of what everyone would think of where I am at in the “grieving process” (ugh) so I slowly find myself retreating from the truth of where I’m at when I share. I always hope to be real, raw and authentic but to also use wisdom in what I share and what I don’t (totally failed on that front more than once!)

All that to say, I really still want to share where I’m at. Okay, whoa, how’s that for a disclaimer ;)

Last Thursday, Ted got me out of the house, we went for coffee and then he took me to Hobby Lobby (which for me is relaxing haha). When time came to leave, I stood in line to pay for my few items and before me stood a momma with her baby girl. Her daughter looked to be around 5 maybe 6 months old. She had a cute little pink and brown monkey hat on and was chewing on a toy. I couldn’t stop staring… imaging… dreaming. I couldn’t help but think of my Eisley-girl. I teared up and tried to think of anything else to distract me from crying.

Then this Tuesday, I attended my first ever, mom’s group called “Moms 4 Moms” at my mom’s church. She has been asking me to go with her since this fall, but until now I haven’t had the desire or the strength. So I went, I did it! I actually had a really good time. It was so great for Chase to hang out with kiddos his own age and for me to be around other moms. I tried to prepare myself for the fact that there would probably be baby girls there (and there were many). I did pretty well when we arrived, but then when they asked about new visitors and asked my name and if I had any kids, I was taken back and didn’t really know what to say. I awkwardly answered, “I have a son, Chase, he’s 18-months-old”…. because I knew as soon as I spoke of her name, I would probably cry.

Holding it together sometimes just doesn’t seem possible unless I, I don’t want to say lie but I guess that’s what it is. Unless I withhold the whole story, the truth. But then I felt horrible because I also want people to know I have a daughter, my Eisley-girl. I do, I have a daughter, she’s just not here with me. When I face moments like that or when I seeing precious girls around the age Eisley should be, my heart breaks deeply, again. Over and over.

I find myself in this really dark and awful rut here and there. In the darkest parts of the “valley” where it feels like everything around me is crashing down and all hope is gone. Where the lies that I’ve failed her and that I’ll lose everyone I love, I begin to believe. Where the flashbacks and traumatic memouries haunt me. It is hard to get motivated, to have will power to do even the most basic things, on these days.

When I’m in this rut, it affects every area. I take care of Chase and his needs, but that’s it.  I can’t even find the strength to create something beautiful. Our house is also proof of this “rut”; piles of laundry, toys and books everywhere, dishes piled up, trashed bedroom, every thing is a huge mess.

My body is proof; my weight, my chewed fingernails, my hair from splitting my ends/yanking my ends off, the bags under my eyes, etc. I feel much older than my 23 years. Weary, worn down.

The enemy hounds me in every way possible, he has me questioning myself on “those” days where I’m so low, “Shouldn’t I be past this part in the “grieving process” yet?” and then the days where I am doing really well, still grieving but able to face life, I find myself battling guilt, “You didn’t even think of her once this morning. What is wrong with you?” “You haven’t cried in over two days.”

Sneaky, sneaky enemy. Wherever I’m at in my journey, he’s one step behind, trying to pull me down. Many would say that might not be so, but I tell you, in the darkest of the valley it’s true. He is one step behind you, constantly reaching for your ankle, to pull and drag you down. It really comes down to whether or not you allow that to happen. There have been countless times where I’ve believed the lies as truths and fallen, BUT let me just say, every. single. time….

I find {hope}. I think I know deep inside, even on “those” days, that there is hope. That I am not beyond repair. That there is promise and life and truth and healing meeting me where I am at, waiting for me to grab hold and begin to move forward.

To us this feels like the darker parts of the valley, the part where the shock wears off and the reality sets in full force.. I was telling a friend just the other day, that I really hate this place where I’m at because, honestly, I prefer the shock. For many, us losing Eisley was but a brief moment. For us, it is our life. In our life we will never had her here with us on earth. Never. She is gone. I really, really hate that this is our reality.

It all falls back to acceptance, again. I’ve talked about this before. Now that the shock has worn off, I really have to face this and … accept this.

As the shock wears off  and as I allow myself to really face the truth, I’ve found, that even though this (for me) is the most difficult part of our journey, I find myself healing. I cry even as I write this because I am slowly healing even though it doesn’t always feel like it. Even though sometimes I fight it because I don’t feel ready to heal completely and I’m far from being healed completly. I read this quote and this has helped me a lot because it’s something I’ve really struggled with since we’ve lost Eisley;

“Knowing the Lord and His comfort does not take away the ache; instead, it supports you in the middle of the ache. Until I get home to heaven, there’s going to be an ache that won’t quit. The grieving process for me is not so much a matter of getting rid of the pain, but not being controlled by the pain.” Dr. Larry Crabb

When I first read this, I just cried. Yes. God really spoke to me through this very word and showed me that I can begin to heal and still feel this deep, unending ache. And the even though the enemy is one step behind me, my Heavenly Father is walking beside me, not taking away the ache, but supporting me in the middle of it. WHEW. He is. And most of the time, I realize that He has me, “Resting between His shoulders”, carrying me, carrying us, through the darkest parts of this valley.

Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him, for He shields him all day long, and the ones the Lord loves rests between His shoulders. Deuteronomy 33:12

He carries our precious Eisley. And He carries us.

There is hope, forevermore and through every deep, dark valley and unending ache.

DIY “LOVE” display.

Yeah, didn’t really know what to call this post, hehe. So we’re stickin’ with the bottom line, it’s love themed.

I did my display in our colours so I can use it as home decor as well as Valentine decor. Ready for the DIYs?!

I bought this frame for $.25 at a thrift store and spray painted it. I took a piece of scrap paper and hot glued the fabric flowers on and then hand stitched the little stems (look closely and you can see them). Click here for the fabric flower DIY.

I also bought this frame and a thrift store and spray painted it. I then used modge podge to keep the buttons on. Ted said I should have stitched each button on, which would have been awesome but seriously time consuming. ;) I used my Cricut for the “love” but you can use stickers or your own handwriting!

Now the letters.  I bought them for 50% off at Hobby lobby making these a whopping $.50 cents each!

I spray painted the O and E (well, my momma helped with that part actually!) and I modge podged the L and V and added the paper carefully and then super duper carefully used an Xacto knife to cut to match the letters.

You can also do this in your name or kid’s name, doesn’t just have to be L O V E. :)

So you might notice this wasn’t actually on my display. The display got too crowded but I still wanted to show you another idea. I bought this embroidery hoop at a thrift store and then spray painted it coral (see a pattern here, thrift and spray paint hahaha). I then used a disapearing ink pen to draw a heart on the lace. I doubled the string and then stitched on the heart and washed away the ink.

 I am actually not leaving it all up right here, I plan on hanging it all on a wall in our new home, but for now I am figuring out little places to put my decor.

This is another reason why I can’t leave it up;

Little curious hands :) He sure loves the buttons.

Hope you’re inspired to create!!

DIY “Love” Frame.

I saw this super cute houndstooth frame on U-Create. It was made with a stencil, but I have many sheets of the pink houndstooth paper below (it reminds me of my Eisley-girl so I grabbed a lot for her scrapbook!) and I already had the frame, so I decided to try and make one myself! I can use it as home decor as well as Valentine decor too :)

Ready for this DIY?

Supplies used:

heart frame – $1 Michaels

modge podge

sponge brush

2 diferent colours of paper

stickers or vinyl or creative handwriting, etc (i used my Cricut and black vinyl)

Modge podge wood lightly and carefully place paper down. (Don’t worry about cutting anything first)

Let it dry and flip it over. Use an xacto knife (totally recommend you buy one!) and cut out the middle carefully.

Use the middle cardboard piece that came with frame and modge podge paper to heart.

Xacto cut it out.

Make sure there are no bubbles in the paper!

This is the part where I cut the letters out with the Cricut with the help of Chasey-boy who LOVES the cricut. He’s in awe of it. He loves to help momma create …in his own way.

Side note: I was talking with a friend the other day and it sparked an idea in me. I decided that I might do a post with creative ways for the little ones create with you (before their old enough to craft)! People often ask me what Chase does when I’m creating and I might just do a little blog post about it and how he joins in and creative ways to involve him. Would that be helpful? or not? (haha) I just feel really passionate about being a momma and still being you, and finding ways to do that, especially now that I know how therapeutic it really can be on a heart or even during grief… maybe soon I’ll do that!

And wa-la! SO simple and cute. And if you don’t have a significant other do something else in the little heart!

Okay, a few more DIYs next.

DIY Paper Heart Garland {1}

I saw pretty paper heart garlands on sale on etsy and decided to give them a try myself. It love how they turned out and the fact that they don’t have to just be Valentine’s decor!

Below is how I made them;

Choose paper. I chose pretty paper from Hobby Lobby (this pink houndstooth one always reminds me of Eisley). You could use plain white paper or even newspaper! I made one with newspaper just to see, and it totally works! So you could just use what you have if you want.

Cut paper into stripes. You can choose the width :) I like the almost 1″ width.

For the layered effect you’ll need to cut the stripes different heights.

Starting from the left side first, lay each piece on top of the other until you reach the middle piece and then do the same starting from the right side.

Staple the pieces together carefully. I honestly think glue would work the best so maybe try that.

I would also maybe buy or use paper that is double-sided. This was my first attempt and I love it but it would be more time effective to have double-sided paper. Although I gotta say, I love how it turned out!!

Chase crushed one beyond fixin’ but oh well, he had fun “helping” momma create.

I also had this sweet girl (my bebe sister) helping me out and a little Mum & Sons playing in the background.

Punch a hole through the middle piece, string fishing line through and hang them!

and you’re done!

Hope you’re inspired to create them. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be a Valentine thing, mine is staying up for a while!

More DIYs coming tonight :)