Chasey-boy, one and a half.

To my Chasey-boy,

(pic; newborn)

Today you are one and a half. Time is truly flying by. It feels like just yesterday I waddled into the hospital, 9 days past your due date,  then went through 42 long hours of labor only to have you by c-section, (I should have known then that you were a tiny bit stubborn, like your daddy, hehe). I remember the moment when Dr. Hill said, “It’s a boy” and how very pleasantly surprised I was, “I have a son, I have a son” about 100 times according to your “Gram Gram” (bowker). I remember the very first time I saw you, as Dr. H popped your head over the blue curtain to say “Hi mom”. I remember thinking “HE IS SO HUGE!”. Because we were immediately wheeled away from each other, I thought maybe my eyes had fooled me. But the next day when I “came to” and your daddy showed me your birth certificate with your HUGE footprints and read your weight, I couldn’t believe it. I had a giant baby! I was so shocked that my 5’1 frame had an 8lb 15oz boy, whew! 

(pic; 2 months old)

I loved every single bit of you from the moment I laid eyes on you. Your personality shown through with each passing month and before we knew it , here we are, 18 months in and you are quite the character! I see bits of me in you, bits of your daddy and a lot that is just Chasey-boy.

(pic; 13 months old)

You are joyful, funny, determined, a tad LOUD, tough, sensitive, imaginative, driven, smart, slightly stubborn ;)… you are so many things all pieced together into our {incredible} little 1 1/2-year-old boy.

(pic; 15 months old)

You absolutely LOVE dinosaurs. It was your first real obsession. You have a mighty little roar which I adore!

Now we’re moving on to trucks. You go to bed and wake up with trucks on your mind. You get SO excited whenever you see or hear a truck (even if it’s on your shirt), which your daddy and I find super cute. You. are. such. a. boy.

You love to eat “klo klo” and “gin gin’s” dog food. I catch you chomping on it often. It’s currently our biggest battle ;)

(pic; 14 months old)

Did I mention you are VERY goofy? Because you are. You have us laughing A LOT. I even hear you chatting away and then laugh at yourself on occasion. So cute, so funny! You are such a joy!

You still drink from a bottle when you go to bed.  Momma hasn’t had the strength to fight that battle yet, but soon!

(pic; 17 months)

You enjoy creating when momma creates which I love. I often have to find ways to keep you feeling like you are helping me. It gets much easier as you get older and makes me so excited to think of all of the things we will create!

You completely hate footed jammies and dislike socks unless you’re wearing shoes. You also fall asleep with a blanket on everything but your feet and if for some reason the blanket should touch your cute little toesies…whew!

(pic: 17 months, notice wet sleeve)

You also really don’t like things on your wrists and if i dress you in a long sleeve shirt, it bothers you for the first few minutes.  I’ve learned I MUST roll them up or you chew on them to get them off ;) You are quite the quirky little guy!

You are a warm body. Just like your daddy. You get hot so easily that you can usually be found wearing only a diaper.

(pic; 12 months old)

You climb on everything. Momma, daddy, coffee table, couch, chairs, boxes, etc. You are quite the daredevil. You have momma on her toes all of the time.

You enjoy giving “buffalo kisses” and often lick my cheeks more than you kiss them :)

This (above) is a daily occurrence as well. Talking on the phone (or snow globe, or fridge magnet, etc). Usually to your Auntie “Aba” and you usually are telling “her” that you love her. It’s so, so cute.

You are constantly amazing us with the things you learn. You inspire me as you still see the endless possibilities in everything you do.

(pic; a few days ago)

Dancing and singing are a must in your day. You’re songs are simply adorable. You are the silliest, funniest, and a surprisingly amazing, little dancer. Your rhythm and how you dance to the beat often astounds us! You are so your daddy’s son (music) and get your sweet moves from your god-mommy. (Wish I could say your momma, but that would be a lie. ;))

(pic; 16 months old)

You don’t walk you run. Which makes the wipe outs especially hard sometimes.

You finally, finally, finally have “lots” of hair or at least a lot for you ;)

You are soooooo sweet. You’re very sensitive (like momma) which works in your favor most times. You snuggle me and cuddle me, that hasn’t really changed much in your growing. I am so thankful for that, especially right now. You are so precious and such a joy.

It’s been 18 months and you still love when we sing “You are my sunshine” at bed time, only now you sing along with us and even pause to wipe mommy’s tears.

You’ve walked with us through losing your baby sister, and even though you don’t understand everything, you understand some things. You point to her picture on the wall and blink your eyes. I think it’s because when we tried to teach you to say “Eisley” you thought we meant “eyes” and would blink your eyes. I think it’s adorable. You are truly a great big brother.


(pic; 16 months) 

There are so many things that make you YOU. The one and only, {Chase Journey Davis}.

We are so thankful for you, little man.

Happy year and a half!

12 thoughts on “Chasey-boy, one and a half.

  1. rachel says:

    So sweet! I’m not even joking… Chasey and my Joshie are little soul mates! Even to the socks disappearing off their sweet tootsies and falling asleep with cars (or trucks) I love it! We truly have to meet one day!


    • colourherhope says:

      Thats so funny! They would be great pals! He needs a great pal, seriously! I would LOVE to finally meet you someday :) I am making you and Katie-bug something!


  2. Chey says:

    i LOVE this. happy year and a half, chasey boy. you are a light and will always be my little love. thanks for posting this jami, it is so sweet. you are such an adoring mother, but such a good one, too. this little man doesnt know how lucky he is…but the rest of us sure do. your mother heart is an inspiration, and i hope someday to bless some of my own kiddos with guidance from you. love you friend.


  3. 1inabluebillion says:

    AND “I wish you (chasey + mommy and daddy) all the happiness
    That God gives freely if you ask” (that’s from Hourglass by Mindy gledhill… great song! check it out jami!)


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