3 years {and counting}

Happy Father’s Day, my Ted. If you count the year I was pregnant with Chasers, this marks 3 years! 3 precious babies in 4 years babe, who would have thought, right?! Good job, love. You make the {cutest} kids. :)

 I just wrote this intense blog post and realized, I’m not too sure I’d want everyone in the world reading my mushy, incredibly pregnant-hormonal-emotional post to you. They might actually learn the truth, if they don’t know already, that Ted has an incredibly crazy woman for a wife. ;) So let’s go the more simple route (’cause I’ll probably touch on that for our 4 year anni in a week!)

I’m so grateful you’re the one by my side in life and very blessed and honoured to have you be the “dadda” to our babies.

I know Chase is SO very thankful for you and that way you love him! I cherish the memouries of watching you “talking” to our Eisley-girl and how deeply you prayed for and love her. I adore watching your love for Boy S already. I can see in your eyes as you talk to him inside my belly, just how much he’s already captured your father-heart.

They are so blessed, so very blessed to have you as their daddy.

{Happy Father’s Day}

8 thoughts on “3 years {and counting}

  1. Casey says:

    your so stinkin creative. i want to be more like you when i grow up! and congrats on blogging for 3 years now, that’s impressive and quite the accomplishment!


  2. Marija sKeri says:

    Omg you have wonderful boy and obviously wonderful family at all! I love the pictures you are creating by yourself and your free and truly honest writing!
    All the best for Dad’s day!


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