DIY homemade {inspiration} booklet

Wanna make a cute little book? I made Chase a few learning booklets (out of kix boxes) for Christmas and decided to make myself a little booklet that holds my hopes for 2011. I took pictures of the process so you can make one too if ya want. (or if you don’t have the time or energy or supplies… i am going to try and sell one or two on Etsy to see how they sell)

Supplies used:

Supplies used;

cardboard box (you can probably use chip board but that isn’t free), scissors, modge podge,  paint/sponge brush, paper, hole punch, snap rings (to hold the book together), fabric scraps…

(optional) I used my cricut to cut vinyl letters out, but you can use stickers or your handwriting, or stitching, or whatever works for you. I also use this this book of creative cut outs that I had, which you can find at a hobby store or make some yourself. (just fyi- Joann’s sale racks are AMAZING!)

How to DIY;

-First, cut the cardboard pages to the size you like.

-Second, figure out the layout of your pages

(if you’re a super observant person, you’ll notice later, I never used this paper in my book. That’s because this is actually my sister and one of the pages she did in her book :))

– Then, glue and place paper carefully. I would add my paper on the glued cardboard and then I would cut the scrap paper to match the size of the (miss matched) cardboard.-Punch how ever many holes you want. You can use a regular hole punch too, it’s a little harder but it works just the same!

-Snap on the snap rings.-Cut scraps of fabric and tie them on the rings. (I cut 3″ and 4″ pieces)

– Finally, add whatever else you want into the book, ie. pictures, cut outs, writing…

Here is a peek into my book!I began writing in it before I took photos and realized that some of what I wrote was more personal. Eeee! So I blurred what I had written and then completed it after I took photos.I had a few “silly” goals like this ‘drink more water’ that I needed to incorprate into my daily living. Not huge dreams, but apart of the big picture. Even the little things make a huge difference :)I organized some of my goals, dreams for this year into categories. I placed some into different seasons, some into months, some weekly, etc.

The end. (this pink paper reminds me of Eisley :))

Well… that’s my little {inspiration} booklet. Hope you’re inspired to create one! OR… just lemme know if you want me to make you one and I will put on specifically up for you on Etsy.

Much love, Jami


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22 thoughts on “DIY homemade {inspiration} booklet

  1. Anna says:

    I lOVE this!!!!! I absolutely love your style and choice of paper and lettering and all that. How did you make the little picture frame cut outs? did you cut it out manually or with something else? I’ll have to make one of these this winter to keep me busy. Thanks for sharing friend.


  2. cari says:

    hi jami,

    i have been lurking for a while… and i am so heartbroken for your loss. your strength and faith inspire me every day.

    the books are absolutely adorable and i love your diy projects because they are so affordable. i will definitely be making this one.

    just know, jami, that some random stranger out there prays for you and your baby girl every day.

    stay strong.



  3. ana smith says:

    I’ve been using ALL the boxes from the food in my kitchen. When my friends found out, they started saving ALL their boxes for me, too! I’ve taught my friends and family how to build a mini book from these boxes. When I’m done making a book I feel very good, since I’m ‘Green Scrapping’.


  4. grace says:

    i’ve been following your blog for a bit, but have never commented. i decided that today would be the day! :)
    i am so sorry for your loss of eisley. i want to thank you for sharing her with us, and for sharing your thoughts and feelings as you go through your grief. my dad passed away in november, and while it is a whole different kind of grieving, i can identify with some of what you write, especially as share your experiences of God during this time.
    you definitely are a very creative person – i love this book, and the mirror you painted. what fun!
    i also wanted to tell you that i used your little magnet tutorial to make them as stocking stuffers – i made a whole batch of them and it was a lot of fun. and everyone loved them! thanks!
    take care!
    p.s. – one of my resolutions was to drink more water too – i made a chart for the fridge to check off each glass of water i drink (it sounds dorky…but it works!). so far, every day of this year i have had 6 to 8 glasses of water!


  5. Jami says:

    first off, I must say it’s super fun to have found another Jami that spells her name in such a fun way too! and 2… This is SUCH a cute idea (the new years theme) I love it! Thanks for sharing! :D


  6. ashleigh says:

    I just started working on one right now! I have no idea what it is going to be about, but I can’t sleep have need to start something crafty :) Thanks for the great idea!


  7. Gina H says:

    Really great. I love your style in page design. I’m working on something similar to this and needed ideas on binding. Thanks for sharing =)


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