Saying goodbye to the lull…

I kind of touched on this in last night’s blog but I’ve been in a lull. Well this past week I decided I need to get out of it. I bought an art journal to inspire me to create again.

I had my grandma show me how to use a sewing machine to create better quality cute onesies than the ones here.

I found the idea here in march! LOVE it and can’t wait to have a little girl someday! Maybe December? hehe

And today I finally finished editing and uploading photos for my project 365!

It has been raining a lot and today it slowed, so I took these.

I am longing for sunny weather, but today, seeing these beautiful flowers all covered in raindrops… the beauty helped a bit.

We are hoping for sunny days to come! This is really unlike Colorado, so I believe this means we will have a colourful, beautiful summer!

Just a random blog to proclaim… I’m saying goodbye to this lull I’ve been in!

4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to the lull…

  1. Ash says:

    Nice, i have been wanting to get back into sewing too, mainly for onesies too! I need to get a new one my old machine is at home.. :( i love looking around and seeing ideas i love and making them myself.. (ETSY) yes..


  2. Allison says:

    oh man, i love that journal!!! does it already have things written in it? or did you write in it???
    so cuuute Jami & great job w/ the photos! you are a beautiful person. truly.


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