Our Winter Wreath (with DIY details)

I am pretty excited to share our winter wreath with you. I used our colours (teal, white) but remember you can use whatever colours you want. Hope you’re inspired to {create}!

I have a new found love in making rolled fabric flowers and once I show you, you might too!

How to DIY:

First buy a wreath. I bought ours at a thrift store for just under $2. I tore it apart and spray painted it white. (If you don’t want to spray paint, use fabric to wrap around the entire wreath)

I went to Wal-Mart and bought it for this great price.I bought 1 1/2 yards of fabric but ended up only using one yard. If you wanted to cover the entire wreath I would buy a more.

Rolled fabric flowers are very popular among the crafting community right now. Used for dressing up shoes, shirts, purses, totes, headbands, etc, etc, etc. I decided to try my hand at rolled fabric flowers (for this project but also for a few gifts) but searched online for the “how to” and really didn’t like how they worked with flannel. So I tried a few things and ended up find this worked the best with the kind of material I had!

How to make the flowers

Step one: lay fabric out and draw circles in different sizes so you can have a variety of flower sizes.

Step two: Cut circles out and cut in a swirl pattern.

Step three: Take the end with the smallest point and roll towards you. I found rolling the very center a little tighter and then losening as I rolled worked best for the look I wanted. I liked the more imperfect rolled look. I used a pen to push the center up in the flowers. Make sure if you do that, you poke from behing the flower, not the front!

step four: admire ;)

step five: hot glue the back and you’re done!


I used a hot glue gun to place them on the wreath.

And then I used left over lace I had to hang it. It will go on our front door when we get a wreath hanger but for now;

I {love} it and kinda want to make one for each season!

Hope you’re inspired! I’ll be posting a handmade packaging idea and another gift idea soon.

28 thoughts on “Our Winter Wreath (with DIY details)

  1. Anna says:

    Jami, I LOVE this!!!! It’s so pretty and I will give it a shot for sure. I love the rolled fabric flowers and I love a beautiful wreath. well done!
    Thanks for sharing you crafty mommy.
    Thinking about you guys this season. we love you and miss you a lot!
    hugs from your friends up North.


  2. Kristina Howe says:

    Hi! We love your site! Thank you for your inspiration. We are making the flowers today for a big event! Thank you for the instructions too!

    Keep sharing your heart, it’s beautiful!


  3. Melissa Braithwaite says:

    Hello Lovely Momma! I am so inspired by you and your blog. I found your blog thru Pinterest while searching for all things rose buds…Your wreath is beautiful and I am really going to try to create your wreath myself. I agree-it would be a perfect wreath to do for each season!! I am a momma like yourself and deeply moved by your story. You are an amazing women and I admire you very much. I am excited to follow your blog and be inspired by your creative talent. Thank you for sharing and you are in my heart and prayers. xo Melissa Lo


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  5. Colleen C says:

    I keep trying to make this flowers and just can’t get them to sit right and stay together. Do you know of a video that shows how to do it or do you have more pictures or a video of your own? I LOVE LOVE LOVE these flowers and your wreath! Would love your help too lol – Colleen


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