Mustache or Bows Party (a gender surprise party)

I’m excited to share with you how we decided to celebrate this little one with friends and family who knew we were pregnant. We did another gender surprise party, but this time around Ted and I knew beforehand :) 

I called it the ‘Mustache or Bows’ party and you can imagine all of the cute possibilities! For our colours I decided against Pink or Blue because (to be honest) they reminded me of my Eisley-girl and our gender surprise party with her, less than a year ago. So I decided on yellow, purple, black and polkadots! Here are “just a few” photos from our party with a few DIY details, for example, the above sign was an old headboard we were going to use for firewood. I painted with yellow and then added chalkboard paint to the middle. I’m also using this for Chase’s 2nd birthday!

Handmade pom poms. LOVE how these turned out! You can find the tutorial for how to make them here.

Paper straws from the adorable little shop; Shop Sweet Lulu.

Guests were asked to wear their guess on them with a mustache or a bow pin. The bows were made from purple scrap fabric and the mustaches made from felt. I spray painted cardboard and used chalk for the words and then pinned the cute little guys on there!

Side note with a funny story: I was excited for how cute the bows and mustaches turned out and I showed Ted, who said awkwardly, “Oh yeah, cute babe.” I later learned from him that he thought the bows were meant to be like bow ties for little boys and that was why he was kind of surprised by the way I made them. He told me he thought I was trying to do like an old school, western-type bow tie. HAHA! I reminded him that not everyone knew the gender and that the bows were representing if it was a girl. Who has pregnant brain now?! ;) (love you babe!)

I loved seeing what everyone chose.

We pretty much had even guesses all the way around! SO fun to see who guessed what!

How did we share the gender this time? I added blue melting chocolate to the cupcakes and then added a little batter on top. The chocolates then sunk to the bottom, so all people had to do to learn the gender was peel back the cupcake liner. :) Super fun!

I made these party trays from two old frames ($2) from a thrift store! I painted them black then added modge podge to the center and laid cute polkadot paper down! I love them and will use them for every party we hold, maybe even BBQs ;)

We did fun little mustache and bow molds! I love that we did the mustaches yellow – I knew it was a boy but I didn’t even plan on the fact that I already have two blondies and might just possibly have another! (Just fyi -you cannot find mustache or bow molds at hobby stores, you’ll have to order them online. I found mine cheapest on Amazon!)

So… Mustache or bow?!? (ya know, in case you missed the cupcake in above photos, hehe) …


96 thoughts on “Mustache or Bows Party (a gender surprise party)

  1. Mikalee Byerman says:

    What an incredibly fun idea! Congrats on the news and the party.

    When I was pregnant with my first, we didn’t find out the gender. With our second, I found out — but my hubby didn’t want to know. It was agonizing: I’d slip, then have to “slip” again within a few hours to perform reverse psychology. Too funny!

    Congrats on Friday Freshly Pressed!



  2. PCC Advantage says:

    Oh my, do you know how to throw a party or what?! Wow…everything you made looks incredible!!

    Also, congrats on the baby boy! What a blessing he will be, I’m sure! :) Oh, and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed as well!


  3. Just Ramblin' Pier says:

    What an amazing way to share such great news! Love this idea. So creative and fun the way you got all involved in such a great moment of your lives. Love the photos too. The mood is so obvious with the tones and color. : )


  4. xiaohui says:

    The idea of a “guess the gender party” is so foreign here in Singapore, but I really enjoyed reading/looking through this post from start to finish!

    I hope I do crazy awesome things like that too with whomever I start a family with in future! Thanks for sharing your family affair online…. and now it’s ended up on freshly pressed :P


  5. Mr. Green says:

    Wish we had done something this creative to announce the genders of our children. I thought making a big cookie with blue or pink icing was a great idea. Nothing compared to your party. Bravo.


  6. Emjayandthem says:

    What a completely adorable idea (( and who doesn’t love a good party anyways )). Your decorations & ideas were the cutest.

    All the best to your new blue moustache :)

    Cheers! MJ


  7. viktorialoves says:

    That looks like so much fun!
    I love the idea behind the party as well, very creative indeed:-)




  8. ayjeebee says:

    This is sweet. Except that in India , you can’t have this party because the gender will never be disclosed to you by the doc before the delivery. Anyway, have fun with the kids. Just in case you didn’t know and presuming you like her, you look a lot like Lily from “How I Met Your Mother”.


  9. sycka666 says:

    I love your creativity and how you plan out your party so well, with color shemes and attention to detail. Your cupcakes looked amazing and i must try that chocolate idea out one day. Your photos are beautiful!


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  11. Cherszy says:

    This is so damn cool! You’re very creative – kudos for that! I can just imagine every parent doing something like this every time a new baby comes along! It would be helluva fun! :)


  12. vbrekkidd80 says:

    I always love a random idea that takes a twist on the same ‘ol concept that can be as dry as well, it’s just dry, but very good job! Hope the party was a success and good luck on your baby!


  13. theswedishflowerpot says:

    I really love the amount of effort you put into this party to make it absolutely amazing! I have a hostess inside of me that will never die and can NEVER be suppressed, so when I see someone going all out like this it warms my heart :) My best wishes!


  14. rtcrita says:

    Your party looks like so much fun! I saw some of those paper pom-poms the other day at a local store and couldn’t believe the price. I thought to myself, “Surely I can make these myself and for a lot less.” Yours turned out so pretty! Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

    Congrats on your news and love your creativity!


  15. shea says:

    Poppin over from Ohdeedoh. FABU idea and nicely styled. Now I wanna have another baby so I can do this. {p.s. pinning your post and adding you to my reader now.}


  16. amanda310 says:

    i’ve enjoyed checking out your blog. i love your openness in sharing all the stuff you’re dealing with, and all your creative projects too. i’m sorry for you loss, and i hope this past week has brought continued healing for you and your family. i found your blog when i was google-ing “pink or blue” gender parties, and *unfortunately* i also came across another blog that the so-called writer totally high-jacked all your photos and info from this post. it’s pretty creepy (and sad). i don’t want to post the link here, b/c i don’t really want to drive lots of traffic to her site. but i’d be happy to email you the link if you’d like to contact her. i guess you’ll have my email when i leave this comment. feel free to contact me. :) –amanda


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