Thrifted Treasures {8}

I haven’t posted a Thrifted Treasures post in a while, so I thought I would today. These are some of the items I’ve found at thrift stores and garage sales in the past two months. My goal is always to hope to spark interest and inspiration in thrifting … and let’s be honsest, I have fun sharing my finds too. :)

Found this little guy for Boy S for $1!! Perfect and working condition too!

I’ve been searching for a picnic basket for a long time now. I’ve found many but nothing that I was in love with. This one caught my eye! I got it for $4 and we’ve already used it 3 times!! I want to make a liner with pockets for the inside to make it more complete!

These are the frames I used to make these party trays for our ‘Mustache or Bows’ Party! $2! I am seriously doing a DIY post about these in more detail soon because you will love to make some!!

Items for the Boys’ Room. $2 for a brand new super soft throw (their room colours are brown, a lime-ish green and this beautiful aqua/blue). I plan on painting the little tires and seat on the bike more brown.

Beautiful platter, $1. I’m going to use it as art in our kitchen.

Frames to (somehow) fit onto my hallway wall. I might swap out a couple just for these two recent finds. $.25 for the small red one and $1 for the brand new Peace one!

Fold up camping chair in seriously amazing shape; $5. We’ve been needing some easy to haul chair for the backyard but also for camping/fishing season.

Clothes for Boy S $1 a piece which seems like much if you garage sale, but these are in incredible condition!

“Skidders” for Boys S. $2 thrift store find! <3 I wanted some for Chase when he was first walking but wasn’t going to pay $13 (Target price) for them!

Clothes for Chaser-Boy. $1 each or less. And Nemo swim trunks! He {loves} Nemo whom he’s called “My-no” since he first fell in love. I don’t correct him cause to me,  it’s SUPER cute!

 Hope you’re inspired to thrift! There are SO many treasures out there, seriously, it’s incredible! I would thrift every single weekend if I could :)

(P.s. I am behind in editing and posting my photos for this months photo challenge. I will do a post before Sunday with the past two weeks photos. Did anyone else decide to join in?)

5 thoughts on “Thrifted Treasures {8}

  1. anjobanjo22 says:

    Wow you found some great items! My daughter actually loves that bear toy you found. I always hear her messing with it when she wakes up from her nap :)


  2. Courtney says:

    <3 your blog! Congrats on the baby. That toy dog is cute, but watch out. Those songs will get stuck in your head for days! Our daughter has one and she loves it but sometimes I just want to make it go away for a long time. Love the thrifty finds!


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