30 days of {truth} (1)

Below are my answers for days 1-4 of the 30 Days of Truth Project. You can read about this project here.

Day 01:: Something you hate about yourself.

What a question to start this with… sheesh ;) The word hate is super strong … but the {truth} is there are things I hate about myself. Not that I should, but I do. I really hate how I’ve let my fears and insecurities hold me back. I know that my fears have held me back from diving into the things which make me who I am, like how God’s gifted me in. I know that my insecurities have kept me literally shut off from the outside world many times. Many times my fear/insecurities have shut me up, held me down, pushed away others… even caused me to deny who He’s created me to be or my creativity… etc. I hate that I shrink back in fear and insecurities a lot of the time.

I also hate how undisciplined I am especially in the area of physical health and a healthy lifestyle.


Day 02:: Something you love about yourself.

Ah, that’s better. Or is it? (This is where my insecurity comes in to play and my fear of what you’ll think if I share what I love about myself.)

As much as I am fearful and insecure, when I finally do get enough strength and boldness to speak (or let my fingers hit the keyboard), I am real and speak from my heart. That’s why if you have read my blog, you probably feel like you know who I am, even if you don’t know me personally or on a personal level. It’s the same for when I finally do grab my art supplies or craft box, or pick up the camera… I create with my heart.

I love that part of who I am, I just haven’t fully let go of my insecurities/fear yet, but I am working on it.


Day 03:: Something you have to forgive yourself for.

Right now… it’s for having been selfish in the ways I was when I was pregnant with Eisley.


Day 04:: Something you have to forgive someone for.

My past.


You can still join in on the 30 Days of Truth project (hosted by Live Beautiful) if you want. :)

2 thoughts on “30 days of {truth} (1)

  1. Courtney says:

    Wow! You’re first question really, really hit home! I have a lot of the same insecurities and feelings. I allow what people think of me to hold me back sometimes, and I generally feel like I miss the boat on a lot of things that has planned for me because I won’t just step up. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to getting to know you more!! :-)


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