Hospitalized for Eisley; Details.

If you haven’t already heard, I have now been admitted into the hospital for bedrest. I know many of you are wanting more details, so here they are.

At our appointment Monday with the fetal medicine specialist (fms) we found Eisley has only grown 5 days within the past two weeks. She is now severe intrauterine growth restriction (SIUGR). She is measuring 2 1/2 weeks behind in her head. 3 1/2 weeks behind in her abdomen and 5 1/2 weeks behind in her body. She only weighs 9 oz which means she’s only grown 1oz in the past 2 weeks. To get an idea of how far behind she is, a 24 week baby should be at least 1 lb 1/3. It’s amazing to me just how a few ounces doesn’t seem like much but right now, for her, it’s everything!

They’ve admitted me to the hospital, until Eisley’s arrival, whether she be delivered early or at our due date. I’m here until then. Many of you’ve asked “why did they admit you to the hospital? how is it any different from bedrest at home?” I wondered the same thing, but now that I have been here for two days (which seem like an eternity) I realize just how much I did get up at home for Chase, the long walk to the bathroom, getting up to make a quick meal, etc. Here, I am literally only up to use the bathroom and to shower once daily. They bring my water, my food, everything. I already feel the difference between being here and being home.

The hope is to get Eisley to grow. They showed us a growth chart and where Eisley has been the past month and a half. It’s terrifying. She is so far behind and now she is beginning to “flatline” which means there isn’t much progress between each week. Dr. Daye, our fms, has told us to prepare for a stillbirth. She doesn’t think she will make it 1 to 3 weeks more unless she improves.

Monday evening overnight, Eisley was monitored. Her heart rate was fairly steady at 140 bpm but showed concerning deceleration to sudden drops of 60. This is further indication that the placenta isn’t getting the proper blood flow to her. Right now we are praying for a miracle and for the placenta to nourish her enough to keep her alive until she reaches at least 1 lb 1/3. They would prefer 2lbs. Dr. Hill told us that if she can make it 5 more weeks, he believes they can deliver her with a better chance of survival.

Eisley will be monitored twice daily for one hour each.

Tuesday morning after the nurse came in to check my vitals, I laid there, crying out to God. I felt so alone because Ted and Chase are so far away and that evening I’d spent all alone. I was crying and asking Him to be with me and to help Eisley grow. As I was crying, Dr. Hill, our ob, walked in. He sat in the glider chair in the room and asked, “Jami, what do you want to see God do? What are you asking him?” I told him that I wanted to see him to heal my little girl and I’m asking him to nourish her because I’m unable to do it.

He told me, “First, its your placenta that isn’t doing it’s job. It’s not you and you can’t blame yourself. But you are asking him the right thing. For him to nourish her.” He then went on to talk about trusting God. He remembered that Eisley was our surprise baby and he said, “God’s given you this little girl and you need to trust Him regardless.” He went on to say that if she needs to be with him because maybe she wouldn’t do well in this world (if it’s a chromosome problem) then I need to trust him. He also said to keep praying and hoping that she will grow and be here with us.

I’m so thankful to have our Doctor be such a man of God. I mean, who would have thought I’d be sitting there talking about trusting God despite these circumstances with my ob doctor? It’s such a blessing to us right now, especially with the discouragement we’ve had from our fms and the neo-natilist here.

I believe God is bigger than anything any doctor could tell us. I believe that he can heal the placenta if that is what the problem is and nourish my baby girl. Please pray for Eisley for growth and nourishment and to make it’s just 5 more weeks. That’s all I can ask from you.

Please pray for Ted, Chase and I as well. Monday Ted wasn’t able to be there for the appointment with the specialist because full time college started up again. (My mom was with me at the appointment which really helped me) I have been hospitalized at a hospital 1 hour and 15 minutes away from my family which is so hard. Because of Ted’s schedule with school and mostly because of the cost of driving down, they will only be able to come down two times a week. I haven’t been away from Chase for more than a day, so this is incredibly hard. My grandparents and my mother are taking care of Chase while Ted is in school, so we do have help, which is wonderful. I just miss my family and being alone is so hard, especially right now. Please pray for strength, grace and peace for us all. Ted and I both feel so weary and emotionally/mentally worn out already, I know we can get through this, but we’re afraid and now we’re not together anymore, which makes this harder.

Please i am asking you from the bottom of my heart to please pray for our baby girl.

20 thoughts on “Hospitalized for Eisley; Details.

  1. amyekelly says:

    Definitely praying Jami! I’ve shared your story with a few of my friends here at school and they are praying as well. Hang in there!


  2. dani says:

    Sending you prayers! Your blog brings tears to my eyes because I cannot imagine how scared you must be…please god nourish this sweet baby girl. (hugs)


  3. Susan says:

    I’ve been keeping up with your updates while I’ve been away in Zambia all month. Praying and standing with you for a miracle. When I get home I’ll get my church praying as well. Asking for God’s peace to cover you and your family!
    Love you girl!


  4. Hannah says:

    Dear Jami,

    I’ve been following your blog from Germany for a while now, and I am sending positive thoughts and energy your way. Hang in there, even though that probably seems impossible right now. You have lots of people thinking about you and that precious little girl of yours!

    Hugs from Weimar,


  5. Rose says:

    Praying God keep you and Eisley close, holding you in His arms, nourishing you both in the ways you need to be through this time. May He bless and provide comfort for your family while you are apart.

    Do not fear. Rest in Him and know that through this all, He has a plan. He is in complete control and He loves you and your baby girl!!

    God bless!! ((HUGS))


  6. John D. says:

    Dear Jami,
    Thanks for this complete update. Like you, we are incredibly grateful for your OB doc. When I read what he said I was saying to myself, “Exactly–amen!” Mary and I would like to come see you–perhaps this next week. We will text or call first. May the blessing of the Lord fall upon you afresh, may the Lord’s grace keep you from despair, may his love surround you like a cloak and his peace overwhelm your times of being alone. Our love Ted and Chase, and your family, and especially to you, Jami.
    Grace to you and peace,
    Pastor John


  7. Mary says:

    My heart goes out to you. Your ob sounds like a gift from God. Rest assured our family will be praying for you daily. Can I pass your story along to a mailing group I am on so they can also pray for you (its a Christian mail list.) God is with you. I pray you can feel Him with you during these times. I am praying for miracles and God to be glorified! God bless you


  8. Janie says:

    I have and will continue to pray for your family. God has a plan for that awesome baby girl. I am trusting in Him to give you strength.


  9. Gail says:

    I’m so sorry, Jami. The simple act of breathing a prayer keeps us close to God all of the time. From “Breath Prayers for Women”:

    “In my distress I screamed to the Lord for his help. And he heard me from heaven; my cry reached his ears.” Psalm 18:6

    When you are in a crisis and panic grips your heart, you need help that can’t wait, help you need sooner than later, help you need now. What a relief it is to know that Jesus is as close as the mention of His name. Unlike a flesh-and-blood person, He is always with you, and He will never leave you nor forsake you. He has promised to give you well-timed help in your hour of need. He may use another person to provide the aid, or He may give you the wisdom and understanding needed to resolve the situation. The bottom line is, He will give you what you need, when you need it. He is your help.

    Sometimes I am too distraught to pray, but I can pray the breath prayer, “Help!,” when–

    – tragedy strikes
    – something has happened to my child.

    We pray now, “Jesus, help!”

    Oh, Jesus, please come to the aid of Jami and Eisley. They need your healing mercy and grace. Hear our prayers and nourish baby Eisley. Help her to grow big and strong. Only you can do the impossible, dear Jesus. We come to you asking for your protection of this precious baby and for comfort, faith, and peace that passes all understanding for Jami, Ted, and Chase. Please hold this family in your loving care. May your healing hands be in the midst of this. In your name, we pray. Amen.

    Sending you love and strength, Jami.


  10. Michelle says:

    I heard about your blog from MckMamma’s blog. I am praying for your little girl and I hope that everything will work out!


  11. Katie Smith says:

    Hi Jami! I’m a friend, of a friend of yours, and she shared your story w/ us. Please know, that you have prayers going up for you, Ted, Chase, and little Eisley, from Pennsylvania. I’ve also shared your link w/ my friends as well (I hope you don’t mind) as I have friends located all over. I’m a mother myself and can’t even imagine what you’re going through right now. If you need anyone to talk to, feel free to drop me a line ANY time!
    Love and prayers,
    Katie <3


  12. Melisa Miller says:

    So the other day I was sharing about your situation with a friend and she proceeded to tell me a miraculous story about her nephew. He was born with a heart defect and they had to put a breathing tube in him. After time the parents had to choose to take him off the breathing tube and let him die or try getting him on the transplant list. They went for the transplant list and not long after a heart was there for him. Today he is a healthy boy who is their miracle. The doctors all say that there had to have been a “higher power” for this little boy to live and breath and be totally healthy. She said to tell you that miracles do happen and to keep praying and trusting! Just want you to know I am praying for your “little miracle”!


  13. Bobbi Foran says:

    Hey precious Jami,

    Fervent prayers for you, Eisley and your dear family. God is near–sometimes when I’m struggling, I picture Jesus in the flesh sitting near me in a chair and I just talk to Him aloud–I don’t hold anything back. I imagine the compassionate expression on His face, the anguish He’s feeling for me and mine, and I let myself feel enveloped by His amazing love and grace. We pray you can feel how close He truly is to you and Eisley, Jami.

    We love you and wish we could be with you,



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