Praying for a miracle.

We saw the fetal medicine specialist (fms) today. We recieved even more bad news.

Eisley’s amniotic fluid is beginning to decrease as well as the blood flow to the placenta. Even more decreased then on Monday. What does this mean? The placenta and Eisley are both made up of the same chromosomes from day one and they are the ones that produce the amniotic fluid as well as many other things. This means because the placenta was damaged, it is now decided where to nourish and where to decrease nourishment, because there isn’t enough to go around. So… Eisley’s kidneys are now not working as well as they should be which causes a decrease in her amniotic fluid. The damage to the placenta is so great that it is slowly decreasing the blood flow to and from Eisley.

Our fms told us that Eisley is a fighter because of how many times my body tried to miscarry her and here she still is, breathing well, with a strong heart beat and good movement. She said we need a miracle to keep her alive.

They’ve given us very little to no hope for her chance of survival and are telling us to prepare for the worst. Please pray for a miracle. 

I am monitored once or twice daily and am holding on to hope that I will still hear her heart beating strong each time. The ne0- natilist told us he will not deliver her within at least 10-12 days due to her weight and would obviously like to see her make it longer than that so she can be a better weight. It’s so hard to think of how close we are here for her to be delivered yet everything seems to be turning against her. My heart is breaking and hoping with everything in me that a miracle will happen. That she will survive throug this all, but I’m terrified.

Please pray for a miracle!!! Pray for growth, nourishment and life!

17 thoughts on “Praying for a miracle.

  1. Timothy Brister says:

    I have been praying for you as well for God to give you a huge miracle and to wrap his goodness around Eisley, giving her strength and healing as he knits her together so fearfully and intimately. I pray that you will have peace and rest and that your body will work in tandem with God to nourish her and give her a supernaturally beautiful growth spurt. In Jesus awesome name, I pray. Amen.

    All my very best.


  2. kimberly bader says:

    Lord Jesus…I speak that Your blood would flow to this child and I speak by the authority of Jesus Christ health …life…and Restoration! I speak that into existence and I proclaim it will be done in the name of Jesus. Lord I speak they You would send ministering angels to bring whatever this family needs.Lord I call forth that the annointing of the Holy Spirit would fill this child like John the baptist in the womb and THAT YOU WOULD HAVE FINAL SAY….NOT MAN!!!!! FAITH IS BELIEVING THE UNSEEN


  3. Colleen Moulton says:

    Praying that your sweet Eisley stays strong and continues to grow so that when the time comes she is ready to meet her Mommy & Daddy!!


  4. Chriss Menna says:

    Oh my! I’m so sorry, Jami. I wish there was so much more that I could do. I’m praying for you, for a miracle for Eisley. And that throughout it all, you will know HIS PEACE that passes all understanding. He is faithful even when life is crazy.
    I can’t imagine what you must be going through and how you must feel waiting to hear her heart beat!
    Lord, I ask for more time, more heart beats, more life for little Eisley in the name of Jesus! Lord, thank you for this little life and how even in the womb she has touched so many and caused hearts to look to you for hope. You are what life is all about, Lord. Oh, Jesus, we ask for a greater miracle! Guard Ted and Jami’s hearts with your peace. Grant them strength for each moment! In Jesus name!
    I love you, Jami!


  5. Heidi Zeiner says:

    Jami! You are in my prayers like you are in the prayers of so many right now. May you feel God’s loving arms wrapped around you and His all sufficient grace right now. May your heart be comforted. I’ll keep praying that little Eisley continues fighting and that God preforms a miracle. Thankfully, we know He’s is able. love, Heidi


  6. Anna says:

    Hi Jami and Ted,
    I so wished we were closer to you guys geographically.
    We think about you guys and Eisley all the time. Our hearts are with you.
    Believing for a miracle with you friends. We love you a lot.


  7. Mari Quillen says:

    Please know precious Eisley is being BOMBARDED with prayers to our GOD who IS a healer, our GOD who is the GREAT PHYSICIAN….Who created precious baby girl Eisley and knit her together before the beginning of time. From one Mommy to the next of a miracle baby, I AM STANDING WITH you in agreement and in faith for a miracle for your beloved little girl. I know the fears and the heartache and please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this…not one bit. I KNOW in my spirit she is a FIGHTER. i just know it. When Mary told me about her, “fighter” kept resignating in my spirit. I will not only pray, but will pass this along to ALL the amazing prayer warriors I know. Eisley has a special calling on her life and satan knows it and God will show the world thru little Eisley his AMAZING SOVEREIGNTY. keep putting your hand on your belly and speaking Gods words and promises over her….and know with all your heart that our Jesus is with you, and especially with sweet Eisley. Do not lose hope. Do not lose heart. I am crying in prayers to our God for you and your family. and I am SO SO sorry you have to be facing these fears. xxoxox Ive never met you, but if I had the chance I would LOVE to hug you right now, and cry with you, and hope with you and speak life over sweet Eisley. please keep updating on how we can pray.


    Mari Quillen, Mary Lefevers friend and Shirley Grace’s Mommy


  8. Mary says:

    I have been and will keep praying for your baby Eisley. I am praying for a miracle and I know God can do it. I pray God will surround you and your husband with His everpresent love and you will know you will never alone. I pray many will minister to you and help you as you walk through this. I pray for a miracle and precious life for your beautiful baby girl, who is herself a miracle.
    God bless you,

    “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you
    and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you
    When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned
    nor shall the flame scorch you
    For I am the Lord Your God
    the Holy One of Isreal, Your Savior.”
    Isaiah 43:2-3


  9. evie says:

    You are not alone! God is very present with you. I know you are, but keep leaning on Him, it’s His strength that’s made perfect in our weakness. Try not to let your thoughts go down the dark paths. Take captive every negative thought, He will give you peace when your mind is on Him. (Isaiah 26:3 NIV You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.) I know it’s hard, but every trial we have gives us an opportunity to trust in Him and grow through it. Eisley is a fighter! Precious girl. Trust God with her. He has you both in His perfect care. You are loved!!


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