Craft fair & business cards!

My Etsy store has been sadly neglected since we’ve made our move into our new home. It makes me extremely sad that I haven’t been able to put much more up yet, or even take the photos of the things I have ready and waiting to be posted! It’s 100% my fault. I mean, I do have a few really good excuses ;)

One excuse is…this weekend I have a table at a local craft fair here in Fort Collins! I am beyond excited! This will hopefully be the first of many (if I really enjoy it). I have many things made for it and also things I’m still working on before Saturday! Once the craft fair is done… all of the items will be listed on my Etsy store!

Come and join me if you’re close or local! Stop by if you can! (You can find directions and check out more info here on their facebook page)

I also hopped on to show you my cute little business cards I made with an {incredible} deal on (I love groupon and Living Social deals!!) I made two different looks because I couldn’t decided between the two. (Please excuse the scanning quality)

The first one, bright and cheery;

Above is the front, below is the back of the card. 

The second one, Cherry Blossoms, a fave that reminds me of Eisley.

I decided to do the front bold and the back faded and I love how it turned out!
It was important to me to put a bit about Eisley on the cards, because she was one of my main inspirations for beginning this store and part of my life. I hope people go and read about our precious girl!

Thanks for reading! Again, stop by the craft fair if you’re near! I’d love that!

MUCH more on Colour {her} Hope Etsy store soon (and also all of the custom orders I’ve received too!!)

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