A fairly simple DIY {winter} display.

Remember my DIY fall display? Well today it was transformed into a winter one!  (Keep in mind you can use any colours you want to do what I’ve done below. Our colours are more wintery then Christmasy)

Spray painted the branch white.

Spray painted the beans.

{love} the colour

I was planning on buying teal fabric but instead searched through the house and found white lace.

which I cut into strips and spray painted (yeah, I got a little carried away with the spray paint today!)

Once everything dried, I tied the lace on the branch to make pretty little bows and trimmed it to look like “leaves”.

I used left over lace and felt from the “falling” felt snowflakes to create this look. I thought of printing off one of the free holiday printables that are going around right now, but nothing seemed fitting for our family currently. The holiday “cheer” is hard to find this year, so I instead  framed joy. Joy isn’t always a smile on your face. Joy is within, it’s amidst sorrow and grief. Joy is healing and is part of what helps you move forward. Joy seemed fitting to frame.

(please ignore the lighting difference ;))

I am super tired and probably shouldn’t even be posting when I can’t even remember how to spell such simple words. (Seriously, writing this post has been amusing) Hope you’re inspired to create.

Much Love,


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