Big changes ahead!

We had our appointment with the fetal medicine specialist today. Eisley’s amniotic fluid is measuring at 8.61 which is better than a week ago. The blood flow from the placenta to Eisley is still showing absent diastolic flow so we need to keep praying for that to change. Next Tuesday she will have another weight measurement (they do it every two weeks).

There are some very big changes coming up soon. I am currently 26 weeks and 3 days and they’ve been waiting for me to reach 28 weeks to make some changes. Starting next Tuesday, they will begin giving me steroid shots which should help her lung development and prep for a possible delivery. They will also give me an IV with magnesium sulfate which will help her neurological developement.

As for “when will they deliver?” that is still up in the air and depends on so many things. Until I transfer, we will not know. They may decide to deliver because of her small chances inside the womb or they may have me wait it out, week by week. I think we will know more when we move.

The reason for the transfer is that the NICU at the University Hospital in Aurora can handle babies under 2 lbs and they are better trained to take care of the smaller babies.

Here are some specific prayer requests;

  • Eisley to grow and be nourished until she must be born.
  • A smooth transfer to the new hospital.
  • That God would guide my new doctors, nurses and specialist in when to deliver, etc.
  • That my body would react well to the magnesium sulfate. Dr. Daye told me that most of the time the mother is uncomfortable, hot and weak.
  • I will be further away from my family and friends and will be getting new doctors/nurses/specialists, which will be hard.

I am encouraged that we will soon be taking more steps than just “waiting it out”! She is doing well considering everything she is going through. Please keep praying for a miracle… it’s already a miracle that she has made it this far, but I long to meet her and watch her grow up too. Please intercede for our daughter!

11 thoughts on “Big changes ahead!

  1. devon says:

    so glad you are getting good news…i’m praying!

    the mag is really awful stuff but i lived on it for 5 weeks to save my baby girls life and you can/will too! anything to bring a baby home!

    thinking of you….


    • colourherhope says:

      Hey Robin! I didn’t check yet, I’m sorry. I will try and get on my email account thru my ipod, for some reason gmail doesn’t work here at the hospital. I will wrte you soon! I’m sorry!!


  2. Anna says:

    That is all such good news. I know you are not out of the woods but much more hope….can “hear” it in your words. Will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and pray for more diastolic flow. Hugs!!



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