One thought on “rest.

  1. Nelly Gerke says:

    Dear Jami,

    You may have recognized the last name… I am Melody’s mom. She forwarded your blog post of four days ago, to ask me to pray for you and Eisley (in addition to all the believers lifting you up to the throne of Grace!! What an honor we have to be His children and heirs with Christ!
    I desire to encourage you and your husband to avail yourselves of the power and authority that you both have as children of the living God! Here is a good web site with a lot of Healing Scriptures you can speak over your own body, Jami, and over your baby girl!

    In the name of Jesus, I rebuke and cancel the scheme of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy precious Eisley! I declare (along with you all) that Eisley will LIVE and NOT DIE! We command the amniotic fluid to replenish itself, the placenta to become healthy and strong! Eisley will receive all the nutrients she needs to grow well! We rebuke a spirit of fear and other evil spirits trying to quench her life and to prevent her from fulfilling her destiny! Dear Savior, we ask you to breathe LIFE into this baby and to hold her tenderly in Your hands, protecting her from any evil thing! THANK YOU LORD!

    God bless you richly! I am looking forward to hearing good reports!!!!
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Nelly Gerke


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